What's the Biggest Stink that You've Tried to Eliminate?

What's the Biggest Stink that You've Tried to Eliminate?

Have you had a tough odour that you just couldn't get rid of no matter what you tried?

We have been hearing from quite a few of our customers recently who have had great success using our ESOE - Livestock and Pet Odour Eliminator to get rid of tough stinks:

"Frozen minnows locked in a tackle box for a month in the summer. It was in the plastic. Tried everything. The deodorizer ... worked where nothing else would after a year of trying!!"

Bob, Meadow Lake SK, July 2019

Earth Smart Solutions Odour Eliminator

"This mornings observation: the smell of mouse piss and Febreeze car freshener is intoxicating (in my tractor cab). Dave Norris dropped by with some Earth Smart Animal Odor Control spray that works awesome. A few sprays fixed the maggot gagging aroma when I turned the heater on."

Stuart, SK, May 2019 via Twitter

Earth Smart Solutions Odour Eliminator

"The product has been the best that I have found so far. I mix it with water as instructed and spray it in the sand in my dog kennel then rake. It has kept the urine and feces smell down drastically. I just have to use it on a regular basis."

Cassandra, Park Forest, IL, Sept 2018

Earth Smart Solutions Odour Eliminator

"We have had a huge number of skunk sprays in the area.  People have been going to the internet for DIY solutions, one has gone to their vets and purchased a 4 oz bottle of some enzyme product for $30 at their vet's insistence, and another has purchased the Odour Out at Home Hardware.

None have worked.  In the last few days, three skunk victims have tested the Earth Smart Solution's Odour Eliminator on not only their dogs, but also their homes (furniture, bedding etc). They have all had Odor Disposer in the past as well and said it worked ok, but still left lingering odors when their dogs were wet. They also couldn't use Odor Disposer on their furniture for fear of green stains. All three were blown away with Earth Smart Solution's Odour Eliminator. One, Audrey, is so amazed, she's giving her Vet shit and demanding her money back for the product they sold her."

Bill, Ontario, Distributor for Earth Smart Solutions, Spring 2019

Earth Smart Solutions Odour Eliminator

We also have a client who used our ESOE - Earth Smart Odour Eliminator product to help eliminate foul odour from a composting facility.  Learn more about this in our Blog.

Earth Smart Odour Eliminator

ESOE (Earth Smart Odour Eliminator)

ESOE is an ANIMAL SAFE natural odour suppressant and stain removal product formulated to eliminate odour resulting from ammonia, mercaptans, amines, and skatole gases emitted from urine and feces. 

ESOE effectively eliminates tough urine and fecal odours and is safe for use in all animal environments including transport vehicles, stables, kennels, vet clinics, carpets, dog runs, litter boxes, etc.

In addition to eliminating animal odour, ESOE will remove stains caused by milk, vomit, urine, feces, blood, coffee, wine, etc.

Please contact us at 1-866-444-7174 or via email at info@earth-smart-solutions.com if you have any questions and for more information.