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ESLF is a super concentrated, premium quality organic fertilizer for seasonal lawn and turf grass care. ESLF is formulated with complex carbohydrates, macro and micro nutrients, amino acids, enzymes, proteins, vitamins and minerals. It also contains a variety of natural substances for soil and plant improvement. ESLF is 100% dispersible in water and can be soil or foliar applied throughout the season without causing leaf burn.

ESLF can provide quick results along with sustained color. Typically, two applications per season will maintain most lawns at above average condition. If a very high quality lawn is desired, 3 to 4 applications of ESLF may be required. Typically, lawns that are conditioned with ESLF are thicker, greener, and more pest resistant and require less watering than chemically treated lawns.



Healthy soil is a combination of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi and protozoa, minerals, rock, water, air, organic matter (plant and animal residue), and a variety of insects and worms that carry out a process that continually replenishes the soil and maintains long term soil fertility. Soil building involves a soil balance approach. Start balancing the soil by using organic fertilizers that contain the constituents necessary for soil building. When soil structure improves, soil health will improve, plant health will improve, weed and pest infestations will decrease and the requirement for herbicides and pesticides will be decrease significantly or be eliminated.



Synthetic lawn chemicals do not provide essential nutrients necessary for healthy lawn and turf grass growth. In fact, lawn chemicals, including chemical fertilizers, can kill soil biomass, deplete the soil and, as a result, inhibit healthy grass growth. Conversely, organic fertilizers stimulate soil biomass and promote healthy root and grass growth. In addition, organic fertilizers improve soil porosity, drainage and aeration, reduce compaction and improve the water holding capacity of the soil thereby helping grass resist drought. One estimate indicates that a 5% increase in organic matter quadruples the soils ability to hold and store water. 

Weeds will flourish with high nitrate levels and poor soil structure and are overall indicators of poor soil health. Controlling weeds is all about soil building and chemical fertilizers and pesticides do nothing to build or improve soil structure. Hard, tight soils with low calcium and/or sulphur content, low organic matter and low active biomass (microorganisms), promote weed growth. Loose, healthy soil aids in controlling weeds.



  • Environmentally safe and not harmful to animals, plants and humans 
  • Improved root development and uniform growth 
  • Promotes early vigour and improved plant health 
  • Promotes residual color and density with slow even growth in a wide range of soil types and pH 
  • Stimulates indigenous soil microbes 
  • Aids in rooting, improves stress tolerance and disease management 
  • Suppresses weed growth 
  • Accelerated maturity 
  • Contains macro and micronutrients to buffer salts and improve soil nutrient holding capacity 
  • Provides a balanced carbon to nitrogen ratio for continuous nutrient availability and replacement of organic matter 
  • Aids in preventing disease associated with numerous fungi 
  • Ideal for use around sensitive environmental areas i.e. wetlands, streams and lakes 
  • Enhances the wear and stress tolerance of turf 
  • Improves tolerance to winter and summer stress conditions 
  • Provides protection against pathogens that attack germinating seeds and emerging seedlings 
  • Ideal for use on new turf or during renovation and over seeding 
  • Easy to use and simple to clean up with water



  1. Apply at initial growth stage - Repeat midsummer or as required 
  2. Apply after periods of drought 
  3. Apply at end of season to increase resistance to winter kill and limit fungal growth



ESLF can be soil or foliar applied with a conventional sprayer, hand sprayer, back pack sprayer, garden hose sprayer or through the irrigation system.



  • 2 Litre Jug 
  • 20 Litre (5 gallon) HDPE Pail
  • 205 Litre (45 gallon) Barrel  
  • 1000 Litre Tote 


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