About Us

Earth Smart Solutions


Earth Smart offers innovative and eco friendly solutions that can meet the specific needs associated with a sustainable environment. With innovations based on science, Earth Smart products are not harmful to plants, animals, humans and have no adverse effect on the environment.


Earth Smart has a reputation for developing Earth friendly products using naturally occurring and sustainable sources. Our line up of "all natural" products will sustain and enhance the health of eco systems and organisms from the smallest in the soil to human beings.


Earth Smart is quickly becoming the global leader in the supply of technically advanced bio based “green” products.



Our commitment to continuous product development using macro and micro nutrients, enzymes, carbohydrates and amino acids will provide our customers with an innovative, premium product that will set the “responsible solution” standard for generations to come.


Earth Smart is dedicated to delivering superior service that will ensure our customers:

  • Answers to questions
  • Efficient delivery of products
  • Value for your money


We gladly accept and review customer feedback in an effort to understand and fulfill our customer’s needs.