Tips to Prevent Pet Odour in Your Home

Tips to Prevent Pet Odour in Your Home

Prevention is the first line of action when it comes to pet odour in your home.

According to Wag!, “Dogs try to keep their hair and skin in good condition by licking, scratching, dry bathing (rolling on the ground) or simply by getting wet. Licking and scratching are normal when performed in moderation, and their saliva contains natural antiseptics. Rolling and rubbing are ways your dog can massage their skin and remove debris from areas they can not reach with their tongue or paws.”

“Rolling and rubbing also activate the sebaceous glands in their hair follicles, which secrete an oily substance known as sebum that has antimicrobial properties. However, a dog won't clean themselves as a cat would, which means your dog might still have a distinctive smell.”

Here are some tips to prevent pet odour in your home:

Tip 1: Keep your dog well groomed and washed

Keep your dog groomed and washed because if your pet is the source of odour in your home, no matter how frequently you clean your home, your home will still stink. “Older dogs or dogs in poor health may stop self-grooming. This can cause them to develop a bad smell as oils, dander and dirt builds up. Pay attention to your dog’s grooming habits to see if this is the culprit.” (Source: Tractive)

And of course if your dog loves to roll around when they’re outside in the dirt, standing water and who knows what else, then be sure to wash them regularly.

When it comes to grooming your dog, be sure to do the following according to Tractive:

1. Brush your dog’s coat regularly to manage shedding and prevent odours.

The Animal Medical Center of Appleton recommends brushing your pet 2-5 times per week.

When it comes to how to groom, the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association says “When grooming, first start with a wide-toothed comb, combing from head to tail, looking for signs of fleas, growths, and mats. By using a wide-toothed comb first, you can minimize hair pulling. Follow up combing by brushing with a wire brush made specifically for grooming pets to remove any dead hairs. Hair mats can be removed by simply isolating them from the rest of the hairs, gently splitting them into smaller clumps, and then, while firmly holding the skin underneath, pulling the matt upwards and towards the head. Never use scissors to cut out mats because you may accidentally cut the skin underneath.”

2. When your dog gets dirty after playing outside, gently rinse their coat and feet.

3. Bathe your dog as needed (talk to your vet for recommendations on frequency).

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association says, “Bathing should be done on an “as-needed” basis. Frequency depends on the individual pet and your veterinarian should be consulted regarding the frequency that is safest for your pet. Never use a shampoo intended for human use on a pet. For example, dog skin is much more sensitive than human skin. People shampoo can cause a serious skin irritation in pets. They also tend to be heavily perfumed (which pets do not like) and they tend to cause excessive drying of the haircoat and flaking of their skin.”

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4. Keep your dog’s eyes clean by gently removing dirt and crust from around their eyes with a soft damp cloth.

5. Your dog’s ears should be examined regularly and if there is excessive wax build-up, dirt or excessive hair, then they need to be cleaned. Gently wipe the fold and flaps of your dog’s ears with a clean damp cloth.

6. Trim the coat, and hair between your dog’s paw pads, as needed.

7. Clip dog nails regularly and take good care of paws.

Tip 2: Wash bedding

Wash bedding regularly to avoid odour, this includes their dog bed and your bedding if they like to sleep on the bed with you.

Tip 3: Be careful when wet

Don’t let your dog sit on the carpet or on furniture when they’re wet. “A dog’s skin is filled with glands which excrete liquids. Those are meant to protect the dog’s skin. The composition of these liquids is often the reason why your dog smells. As the fur gets wet, more particles are spilled out and the unpleasant smell increases.” (Source: Tractive)

Tip 4: Clean furniture regularly

Put slipcovers on furniture and once a week, take them off, shake off the fur and dander outside and wash in hot water. “If your furniture doesn’t have removable covers, you can use a soft-bristled brush to dust hair and dander off before wiping it with a damp cloth.” (Source: Home Made Simple)

Tip 5: High quality food

Feed your dog a high-quality diet to avoid excessive flatulence (farts) and to make your dog naturally smell better. “Diet is one factor that affects your dog’s smell. So if you want to improve your dog’s smell naturally, avoid feeding them low-quality food. Instead, add more raw meat and dog-friendly fruits and vegetables to your dog’s diet. Some fresh herbs like parsley will also help to the neutralize your dog’s smell.” (Source: Tractive)

Tip 6: Regularly Brush Teeth 

Brush your dog’s teeth regularly. Not only will your dog smell better, but brushing their teeth will help prevent plaque, tartar, gingivitis and gum disease.

Tip 7: Air Purifier

Use an air purifier. “An air purifier with a HEPA filter will remove airborne pollutants that cause odors. When set to run continuously, they can purify the air in a room once every hour.” (Source: This Old House)

Tip 8: Vacuum with Washable Filter

“Purchase a vacuum with a washable filter and wash the filter after each use. Keep a supply of extra filters, so you always have a clean one handy. Also, vacuum furniture and carpets at least once a week. If possible, remove the cushions from the couch and vacuum underneath and in all crevices.” (Source: This Old House)

Tip 9: Fresh Air

When weather allows, open windows regularly to allow in fresh air.

Tip 10: Replace Furnace Filter Regularly

Replace your furnace filter regularly so that there is always clean air circulating. “Dirty, clogged filters can reduce the air flow in your home, which will make any funky smells all the more obvious.” (Source: Buzzfeed)

And if your home still has some pet odour, try our Pet Odour Eliminator. Learn more here.


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