Sustainability Tips – PART 2 of 3: Reuse & Recycle

Sustainability Tips – PART 2 of 3:  Reuse & Recycle


Earth Smart Solutions offers innovative and eco-friendly solutions that can meet the specific needs associated with a sustainable environment. With innovations based on science, Earth Smart products are not harmful to plants, animals, humans and have no adverse effect on the environment.  

A variety of sustainable habits can be easily adopted into our lives to help reduce our impact on the environment.  If you missed "Part 1 - Sustainability Tips:  Reduce" with ideas to reduce our environmental impact, then please check out this blog.    


Limit the amount of waste you send to the landfill by reusing products whenever possible.  Here are a few easy ideas: 

  • Bring your own bags with you when you shop 
  • Invest in a single reusable travel mug rather than using disposable cups 
  • Wash and reuse plastic storage bags or containers whenever possible 
  • If you no longer need or want salvageable items (such as furniture, clothing, housewaresbooks, etc.) donate them to a local thrift store 
  • Collect rain water:  Place a rain barrel under your home's gutters and use it to water flowerbeds and household plants. 


Recycle everything you can rather than throwing it in the garbage. This includes paper, cardboard, newspaper, glass, plastics, and more. 


Avoid a stinky trash can by instituting composting at your home.  Peelings, stems, leaves and skins from fruits and vegetables and leftovers than cannot be eaten can be added to a mixture of "brown waste" such as leaves, grass clippings and wood. Proper aeration and mixing of this organic waste can, ultimately, create a nutrient-rich soil that can be used in your garden or landscape. Compost may be managed in a small vessel such as a barrel or in an open air bin system.  Be sure to check with your town's ordinances to see if they have special requirements for compost piles. 

Earth Smart's line of composting and landfill products are composed of organic ingredients that add essential nutrients to your compost pile for optimal results. Our landfill solutions can be used in various ways to break up waste.  Learn more here:  Compost StarterEnergize – Stubble and Trash Digester, and Micro-Nutrient Bio-Stimulant.  We also offer a product for Odour Control that is perfect to eliminate odors from composting, livestock and pets. 

Not sure how to start composting?  Here is a handy easy guide to help get you started: 

Source:  This article was modified from an article published by the Ohio University, Office of Sustainability on Sustainability Tips.  Read the full article here. 

Earth Smart, helping create your sustainable environment with naturally occurring eco-friendly solutions. 

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