National Love Your Pet Day

National Love Your Pet Day

Love your Pet Day is Saturday, February 20th!

It’s fantastic that there is a day dedicated to turning our attention to our pets as pretty much every day of their lives, they focus their attention on us.

It’s rightfully so that Earth Smart Solutions takes notice of this day as some of our products focus on pets, including our ESOE Livestock and Pet Odor Eliminator as well as our ESSH Pet Wash.

Not much explaining is needed regarding this day, so do what pets appreciate the most, getting that one-on-one attention and love that they crave and love. Whether you own a dog, cat, hamster, horse or livestock, they all deserve a moment on this day.

Women kissing her horse on his nose

It's so important to not take anything in life for granted; having an animal is one of them.

So, on February 20th, give a kiss or two and a hug to your pet and shower them with some extra love on Love Your Pet Day.

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