Learn About the Ingredients in our Products: Enzymes

Learn About the Ingredients in our Products:  Enzymes

At Earth Smart Solutions we have 'cultivated' a reputation for developing Earth friendly products.

We receive quite a few inquiries asking what ingredients we include in our product formulations for plants.

We include micro and macro nutrients, kelp, molasses, yucca, humic acid, beneficial microbes, beneficial bacteria, amino acids and fungi. These ingredients each play a role in the the health of a plant through it's growth and life cycle.

This Blog is Part 5 of a series of Blogs discussing the ingredients which go into our products. See below for links to each of the Blogs.

In this blog we will focus on Enzymes.


    "Enzymes are extremely small, yet powerful proteins made of complex chains of amino acids folded in shapes reminiscent of Pac-Man. Simply said, enzymes have the power to chop things into smaller parts."  Source:  Garden Culture Magazine

    Almost all biochemical reactions in living cells require the participation of enzymes, biological catalysts which speed up reactions, by lowering the activation energy without becoming altered during the reaction.

    Function of enzymes:

    • Enzymes in soil play a significant role in soil organic matter transformation and nutrient cycling.
    • ​Agricultural enzymes are the ​catalyst that ​accelerate the ​chemical ​reaction that ​unblocks the ​nutrients ​present in the ​soil and makes ​it available to ​plant roots.
    • Enzymes are also used for crop fertility and protection against various pests and diseases.

    "The most common reason for including enzymes in high-intensity gardening inputs is to keep the medium “clean.” These types of enzymes act as a protection or an insurance against disease. Some enzyme products break down roots, others break down bad bacteria and other detrimental life forms. In converting their targets into sugars and minerals, they also improve the soil structures by eliminating dead material to create new air and water channels before it rots, and attracts pathogens. The all too popular chemical alternatives can also keep things quite clean, but leave a poisonous trail behind…" Source:  Garden Culture Magazine, Understanding Enzymes for Plants

    We add Plant Promoting Enzymes 1, 2, 3 to many of our product formulations. These enzymes:

    • Enhance crop growth 
    • Control agents of plant disease
    • Improve yield and nutritional content in crops
    • Improve soil quality 
    • Play a role in the degradation of decaying plant matter, helping micro-organisms unlock usable nutrients for improved plant growth​.
    • Increase digestibility of silage
    • Improves nutritional properties of agricultural silage and grain feed​.
    • Useful for fermentative composting

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    Garden Culture Magazine, "Understanding Enzymes for Plants"


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