Product Formulations: Amino Acids

Product Formulations:  Amino Acids

Our Earth Smart Solutions products for plants are formulated using natural and sustainable ingredients which play a role in the the health of a plant through it's growth and life cycle. These ingredients include micro and macro nutrients, natural ingredients, beneficial microbes, beneficial bacteria, amino acids and fungi.

This Blog is Part 4 of a series of Blogs discussing the ingredients which go into our product formulations.  See below for links to the blogs on the macronutrients, micronutrients and natural ingredients.

Amino Acids

"Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and they are primary components in the machinery of cells, both in humans and in plants. ... plants require certain amino acids."  Source:  Grower's Secret 

There are approximately 500 naturally occurring amino acids.

Amino acids are important in order to have healthy plants."The requirement of amino acids in essential quantities is well known as a means to increase yield and overall quality of crops." Priya Chemicals

Why We Add Amino Acids to our Formulations:

  • Plants can produce amino acids, but this synthesis is highly energy consuming. Therefore, the application of ready for uptake, amino acids allows plants to save energy on amino acid production and increase the pace of their development​, become more robust and produce greater yield.
  • Amino acids can play different roles in plants, such as stress-reducing agents, nitrogen source and hormone precursors.
  • Better root growth favored by addition of amino acids can enhance the biologic nitrogen fixation, which leads to a greater production of ureides​.
  • Helps to increase chlorophyll concentration in the plant leading to higher degree of photosynthesis, making crops lush green.
  • Increases plant yield when used in conjunction with humic acid extracts​.
  • Increases the nutrient uptake by plants from the environment​.

View these images of crops which had some of our natural products applied versus control crops:

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