10 Eco-Friendly Products to use Around Your Home this Summer

10 Eco-Friendly Products to use Around Your Home this Summer

Are you trying to use more eco-friendly products around your home and property this summer  in order to reduce your environmental impact?  With the added benefit of protecting your children and pets from adverse effects of using harsh chemicals? 

Earth Smart Solutions has a reputation for developing Earth friendly products using naturally occurring and sustainable sources.  We offer products for a variety of industries from agriculture to oil and gas remediation to waste water solutions and more. 

But did you know that we also offer a variety of products that you can use around your home and property for cleaning, lawn care, ponds, gardening and more that are not harmful to plants, animals, humans and are formulated to have no adverse effects on the environment? 

All of our products are available through our online store.  Simply set up an account, place your order and we will ship to you. 

Below are 10 eco-friendly products we offer:

Lawn Care

    1.  Lawn Fertilizer (ESLF):  ESLF can provide quick results along with sustained color.  


    2.  Multi-Purpose Cleaner (ESMC):  ESMC quickly attacks, lifts and destroys grease, oil and other stubborn stains from all washable surfaces and is safe to use in hypersensitive environments. 
    3.  Vehicle Wash (ESVW):  ESVW's high penetrating action cuts through road film, oil, grease, soils, bugs, sludge and carbon quickly.
    4.  Pet Wash (ESSH):  ESSH is a re-mineralizing body cleanser, which helps eliminate toxins, replenish the skin’s natural moisture and replaces depleted nutrients. It will leave your pet’s coat with a beautiful shine.
    5.  Odor Eliminator (ESOE):  ESOE will be your silent worker providing 24 hour protection neutralizing obnoxious odors for months on end.


    6.  Compost Starter (ESCS):  ESCS is a high quality compost starter that can produce odorless, hygienic, mature compost that can be safely applied to the land for improved soil structure, moisture retention and add an additional wide range of nutrients.


    7.  Defender Plant Protector & Soil Conditioner (ESFC):  ESFC is a natural plant protector used on a wide variety of crops in order to maintain a strong and healthy harvest.

    Aquatic Care

    8.  Natural Aquatics Cleaner & Conditioner (ESAE):   ESAE cleans and conditions personal and golf course ponds, livestock troughs and other pools of water without harming the earth.
    9.  Pond Prevention (ESAA):  ESAA creates a clear and healthy pond, removes odours, adds oxygen and is non-toxic to fish.

    Septic Systems

    10.  Holding Tank & Field Conditioner (ESHT) ESHT eliminates odour, liquefies sludge in septic tanks and pipes, unplugs soil pores in drainage fields, accelerates the digestion of solids, suppresses pathogenic bacteria, and resolves drain line problems.