Waste Water Treatment - Petrochemical

Waste Water Treatment - Petrochemical

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*10 Kg size*

ESWW is a natural formulation for use in treating wastewater containing refinery and petrochemical waste. ESWW degrades extra cellular polymers (which cause foaming) and suppress the growth of the filamentous organisms by affecting the structure of the filaments.


  • Removes oil deposits and prevents scum formation in holding tanks, sewers, drains and aeration basins 
  • Reduces unpleasant odour emissions associated with oily waste 
  • Increases the efficiency of overloaded systems 
  • Reseeds after plant upset 
  • Enhances organic removal efficiency 
  • Lowers effluent BOD, COD and TSS 
  • Accelerates the start-up of new systems and aids recovery after upsets 
  • Improves cold weather operation 
  • Aids nitrification by lowering toxicity 
  • Reduces sludge production 
  • Protects the environment and lowers operating costs by reducing chemical consumption
  • Competes against filaments


Flow Rate Initial Dosage Maintenance**
Up to 1,000 gpd ½ lb. / day for 3 days ½ lb. / week
Up to 5,000 gpd ½ lbs. / day for 3 days 1lb. / week
Up to 20,000 gpd 5 lbs.* 1½ lb. / week
Up to 50,000 gpd 8 lbs.* 2 lb. / week
Up to 250,000 gpd 5 lbs.* ¼ lb. / day
Up to 500,000 gpd 25 lbs.* ½ lb. / day
Up to 1 mgd 50 lbs.* 1 lb. / day
Up to 5 mgd 50 lbs. / mgd* 1 lb. / mgd / day
Up to 12 mgd 50 lbs. / mgd* ¾ lb. / mgd / day
Up to 100 mgd 30 lbs. / mgd* ½ lb. / mgd / day

*Spread this initial dosage out over the course of 10 days.

** Add as regularly as possible. If it is required to miss one day, add that day’s product with the next dosage.


Application rates will vary with flow rates, retention times and system variations. The rates above are for a typical, well maintained system.


For extended aeration, contact stabilization, step aeration, oxygen activated sludge, etc., application rates are based on the average daily flow rate to the aeration basin, excluding the return sludge stream.


Application rates are based on the average daily flow rate to the filter or contactor, excluding any re-circulating process stream.


  • For aerated lagoon systems, the application rates are based on the average flow to the lagoon. 
  • For facultive lagoon systems, the application rates are based on the lagoon surface area.
Day 1 through Day 5 2 0 lbs. / acre / day
Day 6+ 2 lbs. / acre / week
  • For anaerobic lagoons, the application rates are based on the total volume of the anaerobic lagoon
<100,000 gallons 1 lb. - 2x / week / 5,000 gal.
>100,000 gallons ½ lb. - 1x / day / 5,000 gal.


For lagoons in cold climates, commence program when the water temperature is a least 50 F.


  • 10 kg. (22.2 lb.) HDPE pail – 250 gram (8.8 oz.) Water Soluble Pouches 
  • 10 kg. (22.2 lb.) HDPE pail – bulk 
  • 50 kg. (110 lb.) Fibre Drum
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