Natural Aquatics Cleaner and Conditioner
Earth Smart Solutions - Aquatic Cleaner - Product Review
Earth Smart Solutions - Aquatic Cleaner - Product Review
Earth Smart Solutions - Aquatic Cleaner - Product Review
Earth Smart Solutions - Aquatic Cleaner - Product Review

Natural Aquatics Cleaner and Conditioner

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ESAE natural pond cleaner is formulated for use in the prevention of pond scum, algae and odour that commonly plague lakes and ponds. ESAE works in the entire water column, as well as bottom sludge layers to degrade organic waste and other nutrients that promote algae growth. ESAE is environmentally safe and is not harmful to humans, plants and animals and is easy to use. Simply apply at regular maintenance intervals or as required during the algae season. ESAE is NOT an algaecide and no applicator’s permit or licenses are necessary.

Controlling algae by reducing sunlight, limiting nutrient leaching into the water column and manually removing sludge build-up resulting from fecal matter, leaves, etc., can be very labour intensive. It can often take up to 5 hours to complete the entire process. As an alternative, ESAE pond cleaner will effectively fight against bottom sludge and reduce the nutrients required for algae growth.

Excessive algae growth is an indicator that a pond is out of balance. Typically, algae blooms are caused by an oxygen deficient water column, excessive nutrients loads i.e. nitrogen and phosphorous runoff from lawns, agricultural land, septic systems, biodegradable materials (dead leaves and plant material, fecal matter from fish, frogs, birds and other aquatic life) and sunlight. Ponds with low oxygen levels and high bottom sludge (nutrient) accumulations tend to go anaerobic. Under this condition, oxygen levels can be further depleted due to the amount of oxygen required to degrade the bottom sludge and, as a result, ponds become stagnant and odorous and algae blooms worsen over the summer months.


ESAE removes unwanted compounds from the water column faster than they can grow and, as a result, promotes a clean and healthy pond. In addition, ESAE improves water quality for healthier pond critters and fish by reducing pond sludge. The overall result is clean, clear water, free from algae, odours and sludge.


  • Breaks down organic and fecal waste in the water 
  • Clarifies lake or pond water 
  • Helps create a clean and healthy pond
  • Enhances uptake of nutrients by grasses 
  • Improves the aquatic environment for fish and wildlife 
  • Reduces ammonia, salts and other contaminants 
  • Safe for humans, animals, fish and aquatic plant life


  • 1 kg. (2.2 lb.) Pail - (1 oz.) water soluble pouches
  • 10 kg. (22 lb.) Pail - (1 oz.) water soluble pouches
  • 10 kg. (22 lb.) Pail - (8.8 oz.) water soluble pouches 


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Why choose us?

Safe for the Environment

Our powerful formulations are tough enough for industrial applications yet are also effective for household usage and are safe to use around children, pets and our environment.

Solutions Based on Science

Our product formulations include high grade macro and micro nutrients, plant extracts, amino acids, enzymes, proteins, vitamins, minerals and complex carbohydrates.


Thank you for all of you assistance with this order. This was my first order with your company, and I’m sure I’ll be a repeat customer because of your wonderful service.


The products that I received from Earth Smart took my lawn to the next level. I highly recommend their products to anyone that wants golf course like conditions.