Phenol Treatment

Phenol Treatment

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ESPT is a microbial formulation for use in treating wastewater that ensures the rapid recovery from toxic shock caused by phenols and other aromatic compounds such as cumene, catechol and cresol. Typically, the susceptibility of biomass to upset depends primarily on the magnitude of change in phenol concentrations. ESPT contains microbial strains capable of uninhibited growth at high phenol concentrations. Applicable processes include, but are not limited to, steel coking, coal conversion, petroleum cracking, plastic resins and pharmaceuticals.


  • Enables rapid recovery from toxic shocks caused by phenols and associated compounds 
  • Reduces or eliminates upsets that result from variable phenolic loadings 
  • Reduces the inhibitory effects of phenols by increasing the growth rates and sustainability of phenol degrading biomass 
  • Reduces the negative impact of production increases on effluent quality 
  • Degrades various halo substituted aromatics such as bromo and chlorophenols 
  • Improves stability as measured by the quality and variability of biological effluents through the introduction of microbial strains with higher growth and substrate utilization rates


  • Contains vegetative and spore forming microbial strains capable of utilizing aerobic, facultative and fermentative metabolic pathways 
  • Does not contain raw enzymes, surfactants, VOC’s or solvents 
  • Enables rapid germination and spore outgrowth 
  • Adheres to a variety of surfaces and supports bio-film formation


  • New plant start up 
  • Post shut down and start up 
  • Seasonal maintenance i.e. cold climate conditions


Effective pH range: 6.0 – 9.0.      Optimum pH 7.0

Microbial activity is affected by wastewater temperature. Microbial growth doubles with each 10 C (18 F) increase in wastewater temperature to an upper limit of 40 C (104 F), unless otherwise indicated. Microbial activity is significantly reduced at temperatures below 5 C (41 F). For lagoons in cold climates, commence program when the water temperature is a least 50 F.


  • 10 kg. (22 lb.) HDPE Pail - 250 gr. (8.8 oz.) water soluble pouches
  • 10 kg. (22 lb.) HDPE Pail - Bulk
  • 110 lb. Fiber Drum - Bulk
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