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This product may not be available in your region, please contact us to find out at 1-866-444-7174.

ESSH is a complete body wash. It is a natural cleanser, moisturizer, conditioner, deodorizer and detangler all in one. ESSH is a re-mineralizing body cleanser, which helps eliminate toxins, replenish the skin’s natural moisture and replaces depleted nutrients. It will leave your pet’s coat with a beautiful shine.

ESSH combines natural minerals, which soothes the skin, and a blend of natural amino acids and rich emollients, which lock in moisture. ESSH's creamy, lightly fragranced formula lathers gently then rinses clean, leaving a softer, smoother, healthier looking skin. It is soap-free and gentle enough for sensitive skin.



  • Wet pet’s coat thoroughly 
  • Apply a generous amount of ESSH 
  • Work into a rich, creamy lather for a few minutes
  • Rinse, will leave no sticky residue behind 



ESSH is produced in accordance with NOSB (National Organic Standards Board) guidelines. The materials used in the production process are derived from naturally occurring and sustainable sources and are consistent with organic principals and the National List of Allowed Substances. ESSH does NOT contain synthetic chemicals, animal components, animal by-products, manure or manure by-products. ESSH is environmentally safe and is not harmful to animals, plants and humans.



  • 1 Litre Jug
  • 2 Litre Jug



If you have any questions please contact us via email at info@earth-smart-solutions.com or at 1-866-444-7174.

This product may not be available in your region; please contact us to find out.

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