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Restore - Natural Soil Builder


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Restore is a natural formulation for use in rebuilding depleted soils, and accelerate the natural decomposition of soil organic matter. Restorecontains a blend of macro & micro nutrients, vitamins, minerals, plant proteins, amino acids, enzymes and complex carbohydrates. Restore is eco friendly and does not contain GMOs or synthetic chemicals. Restore stimulates indigenous biomass, accelerates the natural biological process and optimizes degradation of the biodegradable component in crop residue, manure and other organic matter. The degradation process is regulated by temperature, moisture, material disturbance and the size and microbial populations.


Restore aids in building soil structure and provides a balanced supply of nutrients and trace elements in a form that is readily available to plants. In addition, Restore aids in replenishing and maintaining long-term soil fertility suppresses antagonistic soil micro-organisms and provides optimal conditions for soil biological activity. Research shows that when Restore is used in a sustainable AG program, it can significantly reduce synthetic fertilizer and chemical requirements.


By stimulating natural plant growth functions and assisting the soil in stimulating the necessary biological activity to enable plants to develop their full genetic potential, Restore can address soil issues associated with over use of synthetic chemicals, soil depletion, diminishing biodiversity etc. Restore is safe for use on field crops, fruit, vegetables, root crops, citrus, small grains, shrubs, trees, grass and turf.

 Restore contains humic acid, fulvic acid, macro/micro nutrients and proprietary constituents essential for plant growth. In high pH soils, where phosphate availability is a problem, Restore will greatly increase the availability of phosphorous, iron, zinc and manganese. In addition, Restore can break down nitrogen as ammonium and retain it in the root zone preventing nitrification and leaching out of the root zone. Restore can be foliar applied with the aid of a conventional sprayer and soil applied with the aid a liquid kit, irrigation or fertigation apparatus.


When used as directed, Restore can;

  • Stimulate indigenous soil microbes and accelerate the soil building process.
  • Accelerate the conversion of plant residue to stable humus.
  • Build stable aggregate and soil structure.
  • Mellow hardpan and reduce soil compaction.
  • Reduce soil erosion.
  • Improve moisture retention and nutrient cycling.
  • Increase soil organic matter.
  • Improve drought tolerance.
  • Reduce plant stress resulting from environmental factors.
  • Biodegrades toxic soil substances.



Restore can be applied using standard application techniques i.e. conventional ground sprayer, direct injection into irrigation water, direct injection into soil, fertigation, drip irrigation, etc.


Restore can be safely blended and applied with both selective and non-selective herbicides and other chemical and non-chemical inputs.



1 litre / ac. Rates may vary with environmental conditions, soil type, plant density, canopy, best management practices, etc. (See product label)







1 Litre / 5 to 7 gal. water



1.5 to 2 Litres / 7 to 10 gal. water



For cultivation, apply directly to the soil and simultaneously incorporate. For no till and limited disturbance, apply directly to trash. Application rates and intervals may vary with environmental conditions, soil type and management practices.




Restore is produced in accordance with NOSB (National Organic Standards Board) guidelines.  The materials used in the production process are derived from naturally occurring and sustainable sources and are consistent with organic principals and the National List of Allowed Substances. Restore does NOT contain synthetic chemicals, animal components, and animal by products, manure or manure by-products. Restore is environmentally safe and is not harmful to animals, plants and humans.


2 Litre Jug
20 Litre (5 gallon) HDPE Pail
205 Litre (45 gallon) Barrel


Click here for application & technical information (PDF)

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