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Manure Digester and Odour Control

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ESMS is a non-bacterial concentrated formulation derived from natural plant extracts, and designed to stimulate microbial activity in both aerobic and anaerobic environments. The components in ESMS are selected both for their effectiveness in organic waste treatment and for their ability to accelerate the natural degradation process. A major benefit when using ESMS is in its ability to inhibit the activity of the enzyme urease, which facilitates the conversion of nitrogen and urea to ammonia.

The degradation process is regulated by temperature, moisture, material disturbance, organic matter and the size and activity of microbial populations. Accordingly, the effectiveness of ESMS is dependent upon conditions within the treatment environment.

Regulations pertaining to waste management require all wastes, including liquid manure runoff, to be contained. Earth Smart Solutions waste management products can allow MSW operators, feed lots, factory farms and close confinement animal facilities to address environmental issues associated with manure management and operate odour free, without soil or water pollution.


  • Environmentally Safe: derived from natural plant extract; no chemicals, dyes or fragrances
  • Non-toxic, non-caustic, non-corrosive, non-flammable 
  • Control odours before and during processing 
  • Can be incorporated into most waste management systems with minimum additional capital expenditures 
  • Reduce volumes up to 40% in solid waste applications 
  • Reduces ammonia levels 
  • Effective and easy to apply 
  • Unlike bacterial treatments, ESMS is not adversely affected by low temperatures


  • Close confinement animal operations 
  • Poultry operations 
  • Horse barns 
  • Livestock facilities 
  • Livestock transportation vehicles 
  • Sewage treatment facilities 
  • Sanitary landfills 
  • Meat processing plants 
  • Food processing facilities 
  • Garbage dumpsters and garbage chutes 
  • Composting facilities



If you have any questions please contact us via email at info@earth-smart-solutions.com or at 1-866-444-7174.

Why choose us?

Safe for the Environment

Our powerful formulations are tough enough for industrial applications yet are also effective for household usage and are safe to use around children, pets and our environment.

Solutions Based on Science

Our product formulations include high grade macro and micro nutrients, plant extracts, amino acids, enzymes, proteins, vitamins, minerals and complex carbohydrates.


Thank you for all of you assistance with this order. This was my first order with your company, and I’m sure I’ll be a repeat customer because of your wonderful service.


The products that I received from Earth Smart took my lawn to the next level. I highly recommend their products to anyone that wants golf course like conditions.