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Holding Tank & Field Conditioner


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Typically, all wastewater will flow into some form of holding tank. As wastewater flows into the tank, the solids settle to the bottom, the lighter material including fat, oil & grease, float to the top, and the liquids may or may not flow out of the tank to a drain field. The tank's primary purpose is to retain and degrade solids while releasing sewage effluent to the drain field.

ESHT tank treatment is a highly concentrated, proprietary blend of essential nutrients, and synergists formulated to eliminate odour and accelerate the natural decomposition of the biodegradable component in organic waste in septic tanks, marine and RV holding tanks, portable toilets, etc. ESHT is effective in aqueous and non-aqueous facultative environments.

ESHT stimulates biomass within the treatment environment and accelerates the natural microbiological process. This process maintains the functionality of well functioning systems and causes marginal systems to become functionally active. As a result, the biodegradable components in the treatment environment are reduced in a fraction of the time that would normally be required. ESHT holding tank treatment will maintain your tank and drain field in good working order and prevent or delay expensive pump outs.



  • Eliminates odour 
  • Liquefies sludge in septic tanks and pipes 
  • Unplugs soil pores in drainage fields 
  • Accelerates the digestion of solids 
  • Suppresses pathogenic bacteria 
  • Resolves drain line problems





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