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Ful-Grow is a high quality fulvic acid made with the highest quality raw materials available. We start with a natural occurring oxidized sub-bituminous coal, rich in humic and fulvic acids. We then process without the use of conventional chemicals, screen out impurities, and filter accordingly. We mimic the natural intelligence of solution mediums for extraction.

Our low molecular weight fulvic acid is classified as nonhazardous, as it possesses the lowest toxicity values and is best employed as a soil band treatment and foliar spray. Ful-Grow is ideal for use on all soils and plants under all conditions.



  • 100% organic and non-GMO
  • Non-toxic
  • Assists micro-macronutrient uptake
  • Makes plants healthier so they can withstand diseases
  • Detoxifies pollutants in the soil
  • Provides drought protection due to improved moisture storage
  • Primes the soil and makes nutrients more available
  • Increases seed germination and overall growth
  • Increases root and shoot growth
  • Increases uptake of micronutrients and macronutrients into plants
  • Creates high chemical reactions in the soil, which in turn stimulates plant metabolism
  • Improves chelating capacities and this exerts a positive effect on overall plant growth
  • Acts as catalysts in plant growth
  • Increases enzymatic activities
  • High CEO
  • pH Buffering Capacity
  • Above all, increases overall growth, yield, and quality of crops, ensuring a quantitative yield and good ROI (return-on-investment)



Ful-Grow is compatible with most liquid fertilizers, macro and micronutrients, and water. The addition of Ful-Grow to these products should not be done without first testing compatibility on a small scale (jar test). Use relative amount of humic with a relative amount of fertilizer in ample water, agitate, and observe results.



This product is designed to be applied by foliar spray. We recommend a rate of 1-3 quarts/acre with a dilution rate of 10-20 gallons of water prior to application. 

Proper timing, rate and placement of Ful-Grow is important for desired results and highly dependent on various stages of crop growth, soil fertility levels, and environmental conditions.



Agronomic Crops: 1-3 qt./acre of liquid concentrate per acre with macro and micronutrients for foliar and soil band application.



If you have any questions on our products please contact us via email at  info@earth-smart-solutions.com or call us at 1-866-444-7174.

Why choose us?

Safe for the Environment

Our powerful formulations are tough enough for industrial applications yet are also effective for household usage and are safe to use around children, pets and our environment.

Solutions Based on Science

Our product formulations include high grade macro and micro nutrients, plant extracts, amino acids, enzymes, proteins, vitamins, minerals and complex carbohydrates.


Thank you for all of you assistance with this order. This was my first order with your company, and I’m sure I’ll be a repeat customer because of your wonderful service.


The products that I received from Earth Smart took my lawn to the next level. I highly recommend their products to anyone that wants golf course like conditions.


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