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ESAR is a natural acid replacement that provides powerful yet completely biodegradable all-purpose cleaning to remove tough water scale, soap scum, rust stains, grease, mildew and molds. Not only does it outperform typical acids including phosphoric, citric, hydroxyacetic, sulfamic and oxalis, it will save you money. It is 70% more effective than citric acid and glycolic acid and 50% more effective than phosphoric acid when used to dissolve calcium carbonate.  ESAR provides fast removal of calcium, lime, rust, and other deposits typically found on metal surfaces. Unlike acids, it does not pit, streak or blacken metals.



  • Organic salt that acts like an acid; pH & pK of less than 1.0
  • Foaming action will allow for longer dwell time
  • Replaces multiple acid blends
  • Perfect fit in concentrated cleaners – has no solubility limits
  • Phosphate free & contains no VOCs
  • Excellent replacement for phosphoric and nitric acid



Kitchens: Floors, walls, grouting, stainless steel equipment, food preparation surfaces, steam tables, fish tanks, coffee makers, blenders, and other appliances

Housekeeping: Bathrooms to clean toilets, urinals, tile floors, walls, sinks faucets, tubs and showers

Processing Plants: Tile, floors, walls, grouting, and stainless steel equipment

Rust Removal: Metal surfaces, concrete, toilets, urinals

Engineering: To remove hard water scale from heating, air conditioning equipment and humidifiers

General Maintenance: Cement sidewalks, terrazzo floors, patios, and around swimming pools



  • Remove excess dirt and grime 
  • Dilute ESAR 1:30 with water 
  • For stubborn areas, make up a more concentrated solution 
  • Apply by brush, cloth 
  • Let ESAR sit for several minutes
  • Scrub thoroughly when applicable and rinse with water



  • 2 Litre Jug 
  • 20 Litre (5 gallon) 



If you have any questions please contact us via email at info@earth-smart-solutions.com or at  1-866-444-7174.

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