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ESTD is a natural product, formulated to accelerate the decomposition of lawn thatch, grass clippings and other biodegradable soil residue. When used as directed, ESTD can also:

  1. Aid in the restoration of soil biomass 
  2. Aid in building humus 
  3. Promote both soil and plant health

Thatch management can take several forms. The least labour intensive method involves the application of ESTD Lawn Thatch Digester. ESTD stimulates soil microbes that accelerate the natural decomposition of lawn thatch. In addition, ESTD contains natural organic constituents that promote grass growth. To optimize thatch control, apply ESTD in early spring when the lawn is in vigorous growth.



Lawn thatch is a layer of undercomposed stems, roots and other debris that accumulates near the soil surface. When thatch becomes excessive, the lawn may root into the thatch rather than the soil. Since thatch does not hold moisture, lawns rooted into thatch will not tolerate dry weather or cold temperatures. Thatch can harbor insects and diseases, limit root development and restrict water infiltration. The rate at which thatch accumulates is determined by moisture, environmental conditions and the type of grass. Over application of nitrogen promotes thatch accumulations. The type and vigour of the grass determine the rate at which thatch accumulates. For example, a thatch prone bluegrass sod that is given lots of water and fertilizer, forms thatch more rapidly than other grasses given less care. Thatch is a normal part of any lawn and only becomes harmful when the thatch layer is thicker than 1 to 2 centimeters.

Thatch can also be controlled with power raking, coring, and/or topdressing. A power rake uses power driven blades to bring the thatch to the surface. This method can result in lawn injury and, as a result, reseeding may be required. Power raking should be carried out in late fall or early spring. Coring machines remove cores of soil and sod. This aids in thatch reduction by permitting air and moisture to penetrate the thatch. Top dressing with a thin layer of soil can also aid in decomposing lawn thatch.

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  • Super concentrated 
  • Pet safe, environmentally safe 
  • Non-toxic, non-caustic, non-corrosive, non-flammable 
  • Does not contain VOC’s or petroleum distillates 
  • Derived from natural plant extracts and contains no chemicals, dyes or perfumes 
  • Stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria 
  • Safe - requires only a minimum of safety equipment 
  • Persistent - provides continuing, long lasting benefits





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