• Clout - Herbicide Additive

Clout - Herbicide Additive


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CLOUT is a natural, multi-purpose herbicide additive and compatibility agent formulated with a complex blend of wetting agents, macro and micro nutrients, and plant growth stimulants that promote healthy plant growth and reduce the plant stress resulting from herbicide intake. A mixture of CLOUT and herbicide is more efficacious than the herbicide alone.

When a systemic herbicide is applied to a weed, it must penetrate the leaf surface and move through the plants vascular system to the site of action within the plant. Several barriers exist within plants that hinder absorption, including the cuticle, cell wall and cellular membrane. When used as directed, herbicide additives can accelerate the rate at which the herbicide moves through these barriers.


      • Reduces the surface tension of the spray solution
      • Increases spray solution coverage
      • Increases spray retention
      • Increases herbicide absorption rate
      • Stimulates healthy plants and reduces plant stress
      • Enables applicators to reduce herbicide application rates up to 50 percent

      When herbicide additives are incorporated in a spray mix, it is seldom necessary to thoroughly drench an area with herbicide to achieve satisfactory weed control. Applying just enough herbicide to wet the foliage, without causing runoff, will provide effective weed control. Effective weed control involves the application of herbicides when weeds are visible and actively growing. Heavily weed infested lawns may require repeated herbicide applications in the first year, but, once control is achieved, application can be reduced to spot treatment of problem areas. A spot treatment involves applying herbicide to the weeds, instead of the entire lawn.




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