Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Landscape Pond

Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Landscape Pond

Ponds are an attractive natural feature to add to your landscaping that will entice visitors and provide a source of relaxation for residents with the soothing sounds of flowing water and colourful beauty of a variety of flowers, shrubs and plants.  This serene landscape feature is sure to become your yard's focal point.

If you have a garden pond, here are some tips to keep your pond happy and healthy all summer long. 

  • Top the water level as required.  It is suggested to add small amounts of water often, rather than large amounts infrequently. 
  • Regularly remove dead leaves and flowers from pond water. 
  • Trim plants and trees inside and surrounding the pond as needed to prevent fast growers and plant debris from overwhelming the pond.  
  • Keep an eye on your plant's health and remove any plants that aren't fairing well.  Control any plant pests as needed to maintain healthy plants. 
  • Check filters and pump intakes weekly for clogs and clean as required. 
  • Control algae with a long-handle bristle brush, rake, or pole and eco-friendly products such as Earth Smart's ESAE Natural Pond and Lake Conditioner in combination with ESAA Pond Prevention. 


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