Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Landscape Pond

Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Landscape Pond

Do you have a pond?

Ponds add an attractive natural feature to your home's landscaping and provide a perfect environment for koi. Who doesn't enjoy sitting by the pond and listening to the soothing sound of running water and watching koi at feeding time?

Family and friends will naturally gravitate to this landscape feature and avid gardeners will enjoy the opportunity to use their green thumbs to decorate them with all types of plants from water lilies to floating and submerged plants. 

While ponds provide a source of enjoyment, they also can be a bit of work.

If you have a pond, here are some tips to get it ready for summer enjoyment.

1. Clean the pond each spring

Clean the pond bottom, if needed, by draining the pond of water and hosing off the liner. Aim to leave less than 1" of debris on the liner bottom. If possible, use the pond water to water nearby plants or gardens. Make sure to also clean any algae and muck from the sides of the pond and from any rocks lining the pond; start at the top and work your way down. 

Cleaning pond in spring

2. Check the liner

Check the liner for leaks and repair using a pond repair kit. While the pond is empty, it is also a good time to check for any plants that look overgrown or need to be divided and repotted and to inspect and adjust any rocks surrounding the pond that may have shifted over the winter. 

3. Clean the pump filter

Clean the pump filter and inspect to ensure it is functioning properly and reinstall. 

4. Fill pond with water

5. Add oxygenating plants

Add oxygenating aquatic bunch plants to increase water's oxygen level. Once threat of frost has passed and water has warmed to a suitable temperature, add frost sensitive plants, water lilies, floating and submerged plants.

Pond with plants

6. Regularly remove debris

Make sure to regularly remove leaves and debris to help prevent toxic gases. 

7. Maintain your pond to keep it free of algae

Keep your pond looking clean and clear all summer long with ESAE Natural Pond and Lake Conditioner in combination with ESAA Pond Prevention.

Maintaining your pond weekly with a maintenance dose of ESAA Pond Prevention can eliminate the 4 to 5 hour process of cleaning your pond each spring. 

ESAA Pond Prevention is a natural water and surface conditioner free from any harmful ingredients. This innovative blend aids in saving you the usual time, money, mess, and effort required to catch your fish, drain the pond, wash and scrub the scum from the pond liner or stream, refill the pond and finally put the fish back while hoping you don’t stress or kill them. 

ESAE Natural Pond and Lake Conditioner is effective at fighting and reducing algae. Simply add to your pond at regular maintenance intervals or as required during the algae season, to keep your pond free of algae.

For more information on our products please contact your local Earth Smart Solutions representative or contact our head office at 1-888-444-7174 or via email at info@earth-smart-solutions.com.


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