Product Feature: Humi[K] Phos

Product Feature: Humi[K] Phos

Earth Smart Solutions is an Authorized Distributor of Humic Growth Solutions (HGS), the world’s largest manufacturer of organically certified, wet chemistry activated, 100% water soluble humic acids.

Learn more about one of their specialty granule products - Diamond Grow® Humi[K] Phos.


Humi[K] Phos is a precisely balanced blend of Rock Phos and Humic Acid and is effective for improving both soil and plant health. It is formulated to:

  • enhance nutrient availability, uptake and translocation
  • cultivate sustainability


Humi[K] Phos provides phosphate for plant growth.

Benefits of Phosphorus

Phosphorus is one of the three important nutrients (N-P-K) required for plant growth. Phosphorus is a critical soil nutrient that:

  • stimulates early season growth
  • promotes seed production
  • promotes the growth of deeper and stronger roots
  • ensures a competitive crop
  • reduces weed, disease and insect pressure
  • hastens plant maturity
  • drives yield

Benefits of Humates

Humi[K] benefits plants beneath the soil and above the ground.

Humi[K] benefits plants beneath the soil by:

  • Holding nutrients in a bio available form in the soil solution
  • Increasing root production and CO2 absorption
  • Unlocking soil nutrient reserves
  • Increasing soil aeration and microbial activity
  • Providing a source of organic carbon for improved soil biology
  • Forming complexes with nutrients and increasing soil CEC

Humi[K] benefits plants above the ground by:

  • Improving nutrient use efficiency, reducing input requirements
  • Increasing fruit set during flowering, pollination and germination
  • Enhancing nutrient absorption through the stoma and leaf tissue
  • Improving oxygen availability
  • Providing greater diffusion of CO2 to leaf mesophyll cells
  • Accelerating the breakdown of stubble and leaf residue

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Combinatorial Chemistry

Functional humates applied together with phosphate is an excellent combination for improvement of phosphorus availability, soil and plant physicochemical conditions.

Under alkaline soil conditions (high pH) or very acidic conditions (low pH) most of the soluble phosphorus naturally present in the soil and from fertilizer is easily tied up with soil cations such as Calcium, Iron and Aluminum.

Through these processes, calcium-phosphate bonds can be broken to improve the release of available phosphorus in the soil and prevent tie-up.

Scientists have shown that Humates significantly increases water soluble phosphate availability and reduces the formation of insoluble phosphate. As a result, plant phosphorous uptake, translocation and yield are increased.

Feed the soil to feed the crop!


For use with any well-balanced soil/plant nutrition application in all agricultural crop field applications. Use at all times of year when fertilizer applications occur:

  • fall fertilizer applications
  • spring pre-plant
  • at planting
  • in crop or top-dress

If unsure of application rates for your specific crop(s) or soil(s), please consult your local Agronomic Professional.

Typical application rates for agronomic crops:

  • Fall Fertilizer Applications: 500 - 1,500 lbs./acre
  • Spring Pre-Plant: 200 - 300 lbs./acre
  • Top Dress: 300 - 500 lbs./acre

*Do not apply more than 750 lbs. per application unless in the fall without a crop in the field.

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