Why Humi[K]

Why Humi[K]

Earth Smart Solutions is an Authorized Distributor of Humic Growth Solutions.

Humic Growth Solutions is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of bio-stimulant products for agricultural, horticultural, turf, ornamental and hydroponic markets.

Biostimulants are organic materials used to aid plant development in a variety of ways throughout the plant's life cycle, from seed germination to maturity, and can be applied to seeds, soil or the plant itself.

Biostimulants are also commonly called:

  • plant strengtheners and conditioners
  • phytostimulants
  • bioactivators
  • crop and plant growth enhancers

Below are 6 reasons to consider using their biostimulants and humic products:

1. Organically Certified

2. Heavy Concentrations of Functional Carbons

3. Pure Humic Acid 

4. High Concentrations of Humic & Fulvic Acids

5. 100% Water-Soluble Humate Molecules

6. Granulation Technology with No Binders or Fillers

HGS Products

HGS's humic acid products (potassium humate) are available in liquid, spray dried powder and water-soluble granule form.

Dry Solubles

Humi[K] WSP (Water Soluble Powder) is designed to be mixed with water to produce a liquid humic concentrate. The resulting organic solution is compatible with many liquid fertilizers and micro-nutrients, acting as a chelating agent aiding plants in the uptake and usability of nutrients essential for a crops healthy and productive life cycle. 

Humi[K] WSG (Water Soluble Granule) is produced from Humi[k] WSP, offering all of the same features and benefits. It was designed for three distinct functions: rapid solubility, ease of use and dry broadcast application. 

Specialty Granules

Humi[K] Phos is formulated to provide a perfectly balanced blend of rock phos and humic acid. The combinatorial chemistry of humic acid and phosphorus allows for enhanced nutrient availability, translocation and improves overall soil health and sustainability.

Humi[K] ES is formulated as a source of sulfur that combines elemental sulfur with humic acids to enhance nutrient use efficiency. Humi[K] ES can be used as both a source of plant nutrient sulfur and/or as an amendment for correcting alkali soils.

Humi[K] GYP is formulated to provide a perfectly balanced blend of gypsum and humic Acid. The combinatorial chemistry of humic acid and gypsum allows for enhanced nutrient availability, translocation and improves overall soil health and sustainability.


Humi[K] Liquid is an organic liquid humic concentrate. Liquid humic acid is blended with pure artesian water, a high quality water source. The wet chemistry alkaline extraction process utilized to make Humi[K] Liquid enables the benefits of humic acid such as nutrient delivery to begin working immediately upon application.

Carbo[N] (previously SM-10 Liquid Carbon) is formulated for improving soil health, salt remediation in salty soils, reducing soil compaction, enhancing soil buffering capacities, complexation, and CECs, along with increasing water and nutrient availability.

Diamond Grow® Ful-Grow Gold 2x is an organic acid-based fertilizer additive formulated to improve fertilizer application and compatibility.

To view the complete collection of HGS products that we distribute, click here.

For more information please contact your local Earth Smart Solutions  representative or contact our head office at 1-888-444-7174 or via email at info@earth-smart-solutions.com. 

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