Fall Home & Yard Care Tips

Fall Home & Yard Care Tips

Fall is here. We love this quote about this magical season, "Autumn leaves don't fall, they fly. They take their time and wander on this their only chance to soar." Delia Owens, Where the Crawdads Sing.

Fall also lights the way for winter ...

Fall, with it's warmer temperatures than winter, but cooler temperatures than summer, is the perfect time to spend extra time outside enjoying the outdoors before winter's arrival.

It is also a good time to turn our attention to tidying up around the house and yard before the weather dips below 0 degrees.

Make sure you take care of the following before the snow flies:

1. Gutters

Now is the time to clean and clear any build-up of leaves, debris, etc from your gutters. Cleaning your gutters now means you shouldn't run into an issue down the line when the weather isn’t warm!

2. Shut Off the Outside Water Tap

Before the temperatures go into the minuses, make sure you turn the water connection off the outside tap. Who wants to deal with a damaged or frozen water line? Not us. And don't forget to put away the garden hose while you're at it.

3. Store Gardening Tools & Toys

Before it snows and your backyard is covered in snow, as well as everything in it, it is also important to put away what you like to store inside for the winter, such as children's toys, gardening tools, lawn mower and so forth. This will also avoid needless damage over the winter.

4. Perennials

Mulching perennials is best done after the first real overnight freeze. A reminder that you don't cover the plant's crown or core, as this can cause decay. (Source: DIY Network)

5. Rake

Rake off any layers of leaves that have accumulated on your grass. Large leaves can condense to the point that they suffocate the grass underneath them, resulting in a slew of pest and disease issues. (Source: DIY Network)

Also, make sure to compost those leaves as they are an excellent source of nutrients. If you need help with your compost pile, Earth Smart Solutions offers a natural compost starter designed to initiate and accelerate the composting process. Learn more about this product here.

6. Aerate

Aerating your grass during the fall is recommended because it allows moisture and nutrients to reach the roots prior to winter. If you live in Calgary, Red Deer, and surrounding areas, our sister company, Earth Smart Property Solutions, offers a core aeration service. Learn more here

7. Fertilize

Wondering if fall is the right time to fertilize your lawn? Well, you are correct, now is the perfect time to fertilize. Even though the grass isn't growing over the winter, the roots underneath are still active, so fertilizer will help prevent winter damage. This will also aid in the greening of your lawn come spring. (Source: House Beautiful)

Earth Smart Solutions carries a lawn fertilizer that is environmentally safe, animal safe, and enhances the stress tolerance of grass. Learn more about this product here

    Happy Fall Clean Up

    Make sure you take some time to enjoy fall after you are done your home and yard maintenance.


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