Classic Family Holiday Activity List

Classic Family Holiday Activity List

The holiday season can be such a busy time of year between putting up the Christmas tree, decorating your home, shopping for gifts, holiday baking, menu planning, cleaning and holiday parties.  It can sometimes be challenging to make time to actually enjoy this wonderful season.

With the holidays becoming more and more commercial, we thought it would be fun to compile a list of classic holiday traditions for your family to enjoy this holiday season.  

These activities will take you away from the busy shopping malls and give you time to spend with your loved ones.  They may also help you remember why this is such a magical and joyous time of the year and to appreciate the holiday season even more.  Plus they are earth-friendly!  And that is smart!

To quote Edna Ferber, "Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling."

1. Write a letter to Santa
2. Make Christmas cookies, cut them in festive shapes and decorate with coloured icing, sprinkles and whatever fun edible decorations you can find.
3. Flex your creative muscles and make holiday ornaments to give as gifts for Grandparents or Aunts.
4. Decorate gingerbread houses
5. Take a walk and enjoy the beauty of nature.
    6. Take a Christmas Light Tour. Whether you live in the city or country, take time to enjoy Christmas light displays.  Make an evening of it and drive around, or walk if possible, and take time to enjoy neighbour's and other's efforts to light up the holiday season for those passing by to enjoy.
    7. Visit a Christmas tree farm, chop down your own tree and make decorating the tree a fun family affair complete with freshly baked cookies, egg nog and your favourite Christmas carols playing in the background.

    8. Take a horse drawn sleigh ride and ask a fellow passenger to take a family photo to use as a Christmas card next year or to share with family and friends. 
    9. Watch a classic holiday movie and enjoy with home-made popcorn.  Check out Good Housekeeping's list of 55 Best Christmas Movies of All Time.
    10. Make a snowman
    11. Make an ugly Christmas sweater using supplies you have around your home.  Check out this link for some fun economical ideas using decorations you likely have at your home.  Check out Pop Sugar's 55 Cheap and Easy Ugly Sweater DIYs.
    12. On a sunny weekend afternoon, go tobogganing, skating or snow-shoeing with your family.  Don't forget to take a thermos of hot cocoa and treats to keep you warm and energized.
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    We hope you enjoyed our blog and wish you a joyous Holiday Season!