8 Helpful tips to Maintain your Pond

8 Helpful tips to Maintain your Pond

If you have a pond it is important to keep it clean not only for appearance and smell purposes, but for any fish that call it home.

One issue that often arises in ponds is algae. Algae is a common occurrence in ponds and can be a nuisance to deal with. At Earth Smart Solutions we have been helping people deal with algae for years, so we know a thing or two about it!  

Below we have broken down 8 tips for you when caring for your pond.

Tip 1 – Keep a good fish population

“If you have more than 10” of fish for every 100 gallons of water, your pond is likely over-populated. Excessive fish waste can cause an imbalance in pond water.” (Source: Aquascape Inc.)

Tip 2 – Add aeration

“Adding aeration is the most effective way of improving your pond’s water quality. By increasing circulation and oxygen levels aeration will help to reduce algae, improve water clarity, reduce sludge and muck and create a more balanced ecosystem.” (Source: The Pond Experts)

Tip 3 – Have the right balance of plants

“At season’s peak, you should have 40% to 60% of the surface area of your pond either covered or shaded by plants. Too many plants can cause oxygen deficiencies at night due to the photosynthetic process, when the plants take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide.” (Source: Aquascape Inc.)


Tip 4 – Use a pond and water surface conditioner to keep a healthy pond

Earth Smart Solutions carries ESAA – Pond Prevention, a conditioner that works to keep your pond healthy all year round. This product will also help by adding oxygen to the water making a healthy environment for your fish and plants.

ESAA is a natural water and surface conditioner free from any harmful ingredients. This innovative blend aids in saving you the usual time, money, mess, and effort required to catch your fish, drain the pond, wash and scrub the scum from the pond liner or stream, refill the pond and finally put the fish back while hoping you don’t stress or kill them.

If you are interested in learning more about this product, click here.

Here is a before and after photo submitted from a client who tried our Pond Prevention ESAA on their pond:

Algae Pond Prevention

Tip 5 – Use a pond cleaner to keep the clarity of your pond crystal clear

Earth Smart Solutions also carries ESAE – Natural Aquatics Cleaner & Conditioner a natural pond conditioner formulated to aid in keeping your lakes and ponds happy and healthy.

ESAE acts as a shock treatment for your pond and will show near immediate clarity, leaving your pond looking amazing. ESAE works in the entire water column to leave a lasting effect for weeks to come. If you would like to inquire about this product click here

Rest assured that all our products are environmentally friendly and good for fish and the planet.

Tip 6 – Remove debris from the pond before having the opportunity for decay to occur

“Your pond skimmer will remove most of the debris from the surface of your pond, but you can also use a pond net to skim leaves and small sticks before they have a chance to descend to the pond’s bottom where they’ll decay. Decaying debris, combined with fish waste and leftover fish food, can cause ammonia levels to spike in your pond.” (Source: Aquascape Inc.) Too much ammonia in your pond can be dangerous for fish.

Tip 7 – Select the proper filtration for your pond

“Just like your pond pump, your pond’s filter should match the size of your water garden. Most pond filters are based on ideal circumstances, and if you exceed those, your filter becomes less effective. Always up-size your filter so that it can handle more than the capacity of your pond and remember to clean your filter according to instructions.” (Source: Aquascape Inc.)

Tip 8 – Know the different types of pond algae

According to The Pond Experts, filamentous algae is the most common type of algae seen in ponds. To see the different types of algae, visit their website for more: https://www.pondexperts.ca/large-pond-algae-control/

We hope these tips help you with keeping your pond beautiful and algae free!

If you would like to discuss any issues with your pond that you are having, please contact our team and we will do our best to help!


The information presented in this blog is a compilation of information presented from a variety of sources.


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