Wastewater Treatment & Your Septic System - Tips to Improve Efficiency

Wastewater Treatment & Your Septic System - Tips to Improve Efficiency

Whether you live in an urban environment or in the country, we all utilize a wastewater treatment system to process our domestic wastewater before it is returned to the natural environment.

If you live in an urban environment, your home's sewage system is likely connected to the City or municipality’s wastewater treatment system.

If you live on an acreage or in a rural environment, and don’t have access to connect to a community wastewater treatment system, then you likely utilize an onsite wastewater treatment system


Wastewater is used water generated by:

  • domestic, commercial, industrial or agricultural activities
  • surface runoff (rainwater running through cracks in the ground and into gutters) or stormwater (water from floods)
  • any sewer inflow or sewer infiltration

Essentially any water that is contaminated by human use, is considered wastewater.

    Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Onsite, or decentralized, wastewater treatment systems are typically referred to as septic systems, because most involve a septic tank for partial treatment.


    Septic System & Leach Field

    Generally, the most common septic system consists of a septic tank that gravity flows to a soil adsorption field for final treatment and dispersal. 

    The septic tank collects wastewater and provides primary treatment of wastewater by separating solids from effluent.  Solid waste falls and collects at the bottom of the septic tank for later pump outs. Wastewater continues to a leach field of perforated pipes for final treatment in the soil absorption field and then is naturally absorbed into the soil. 

    Earth Smart Solutions offers a natural Septic Tank Additive (ESTT) to aid with processing domestic wastewater via septic systems to help decrease water pollution.

    Our Natural Septic Tank Additive (ESTT) is formulated to increase microbial populations and accelerate the natural (biological) process within your septic system and drain field. ESTT tank treatment reduces frequent septic tank pumping, extends drain field life, improves drain field percolation, prevents sewer line blockage and keeps septic systems operating at optimum performance. ESTT will protect your septic system and keep it operating smoothly.

    ESST is completely natural and easy to use. Simply drop a premeasured pack in your toilet and flush.

    Septic Systems – Holding Tanks

    Holding tanks are used when a home or building is not able to connect to a community sewer system or install a leaching field due to adverse soil conditions, lack of space or other limiting conditions.  They are also handy when utilizing temporary office trailers and temporary housing.

    The holding tank collects and temporarily stores the sewage generated from the home or building until it is transported to a disposal location.

    Depending on the size of the holding tank and the amount of water being used at your home or business, holding tanks generally need to be emptied either weekly, every few weeks or monthly.

    Earth Smart Solutions offers a Holding Tank and Field Conditioner (ESHT) to aid with accelerating the natural decomposition of the biodegradable component in organic waste in septic tanks, holding tanks and more.

    Our Holding Tank and Field Conditioner (ESHT) is a highly concentrated, proprietary blend of essential nutrients, and synergists formulated to eliminate odour and accelerate the natural decomposition of the biodegradable component in organic waste in septic tanks, marine and RV holding tanks, portable toilets, etc.

    ESHT stimulates biomass within the treatment environment and accelerates the natural microbiological process. This process maintains the functionality of well functioning systems and causes marginal systems to become functionally active. As a result, the biodegradable components in the treatment environment are reduced in a fraction of the time that would normally be required. ESHT holding tank treatment will maintain your tank and drain field in good working order and prevent or delay expensive pump outs.

    ESHT is completely natural and easy to use. Simply drop a premeasured pack in your toilet bowl and flush.

    Tips on How You Can Help Reduce Contaminants in Wastewater and Protect Wastewater Systems:

    Tips Courtesy of The City of Calgary and Alberta Water Portal Society:

    Individuals and businesses can help to reduce the level of nutrients, contaminants and debris in our wastewater collection and treatment systems and protect the environment and your home’s or business' plumbing with the following actions: 

    • Take all unused and expired medication to a pharmacy for safe disposal.
    • Avoid flushing dental floss, bandages, wipes and hygiene products down the toilet.  Instead toss in the garbage.
    • Avoid putting food scraps, grease, oil and fat (and fatty foods like butter and salad dressing) down the sink.  Instead put in your Green Cart for composting or if you don’t have a Green Cart, compost. 

    Please contact us if you have any questions and for more information via email at info@earth-smart-solutions.com or call us at 1-866-444-7174.


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