Types Of Turf Grass

Types Of Turf Grass


Bermuda Grass (Cynodon dactylon) is an excellent lawn grass for the southern states. Bermuda grass withstands both heat and drought and will grow reasonable well even on poor soils.  It may be started by seeding or sodding.

Never allow Bermuda to get started in the garden or flower beds, for it spreads quickly on cultivated soil, competing with flowers or vegetables for moisture.  IT mau be killed our in the summer by hoeing and exposing the rhizomes to hot sunlight.

Pampas (Contaferia):  This ornamental grass, best grown in the south, produces beautiful flower plumes which, if cut when fully developed, are useful for decorative purposes indoors during the winter.  It is increased by root division, and it grows well as a specimen plant in the lawn.

Kentucky Blue Grass (Poa), an excellent grass for the North and the East. It needs a quick germinating and quick growing grass such as redtop, planted with it to provide a rapid ground cover to help crowd out weeds during its early development.  After it gets a good start the blue grass will crowd out the nurse grass.

St. Augustine (Stenotaphrum secundatum) also thrives in the South, being particularly good under trees or in other shady area where Bermuda will not do well.  It forms a thick mat and smothers weeds.

Zoysia (Zoysia) in cultivated species form dense turf and are very valuable for planting on sandy soils, especially in the South.  It is propagated vegetatively by means of small pieces of turf, called plugs. Zoysia will choke out crab grass and weeds.

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