Types of Septic Tank Treatments

Septic Tank Additives

Do you utilize septic tank treatments as part of your ongoing septic tank maintenance program?

We find that there are a lot of mixed messages out there about whether you need to add Septic Tank Treatments to your septic system as part of your regular maintenance. 

We suspect that the mixed messages partially are due to the fact that there are some good septic treatments that help your septic system run more efficiently and that don’t hurt the environment and there are some septic treatments that are super powerful but have adverse effects on your septic system and the environment and are best NOT to use.

The wastewater and waste solids from your home’s plumbing system are transported to your septic tank. Once in the septic tank, the bacteria in the waste separate the waste into layers. Solids fall to the bottom creating a sludge layer; fats rise to the top and create a scum layer; in the middle is a layer of clear wastewater called effluent.

Septic System Diagram

The solids need to be removed by having your septic tank pumped out every two to three years, or when 1/3 full. The liquids drain into a drain field; the soil in the drain field cleans the water using layers of rock and minerals and returns it to the groundwater system. 

According to The Best Septic Tank Treatments for Homeowners – Bob Villa, "Aside from periodic pumping, regular septic tank treatment is essential to give the bacteria in the tank a boost to help it continue effectively degrading the waste that enters the tank. A monthly dose of septic tank treatment keeps your tank working efficiently and prevents it from prematurely wearing out. 

If you have a septic system and aren’t sure if you should be using monthly treatments as part of your ongoing maintenance, we have compiled info on the types of septic tank treatments available and the advantages and disadvantages of each. 

Types of Septic Tank Treatments 

1. Chemical Additives

i. Inorganic acids or alkalis such as lye or sulfuric acid


  • Super powerful and effective at unplugging almost any clog in a system


  • They are so powerful that their harsh chemical makeup kills the live bacteria in the septic tank, disrupting the anaerobic digestion process. This can cause raw sewage to leak into the drain field, odors, leakage into groundwater, clogged pipes.
  • The corrosive nature of these treatments can weaken your septic system

ii. Hydrogen Peroxide


  • Was once widely recommended and used; does not harm the bacterial ecosystem within the tank when diluted properly


  • Compromises long-term viability of the drain field and it’s ability to filter and absorb wastewater; degrades soil content

iii. Organic Solvents 

Organic solvents are primarily used as degreasers due to their effectiveness at breaking down fats, oil and grease.


  • Are very powerful and effective at breaking down fats, oils and greases in the bottom of the septic tank


  • They are so powerful that they can break down much of the bacterial ecosystem as well.
  • Organic solvents do not break down and once they seep into the drain field with the wastewater effluent, they leak into the groundwater system and can cause ecological damage.

      2. Biological Additives 

      Biological additives boosts the bacteria population in the tank and introduces specific enzymes for breaking down fibers (toilet paper), septic tank scum that gathers at the top of the wastewater fluid, and other solid waste that the naturally-occurring bacteria population may have difficulty decomposing. Source: Bob Villa, Best Septic Tank Treatment

      Eco Friendly


      • Contains no harsh chemicals 
      • Promotes a healthy bacterial ecosystem in the septic tank 
      • Safe for the septic system drain field, drain field soil, groundwater system and environment 
      • Solid materials are broken down more quickly 
      • Won’t damage the septic system, soil or groundwater 
      • Can neutralize detergents and bleach  

      Earth Smart Solutions offers a Natural Septic Tank Additive which falls into the Biological Additives category. It is formulated to increase microbial populations and accelerate the natural (biological) process within your septic system and drain field.

      Our eco-friendly pods contain billions of bacteria and septic-specific enzymes that are effective at breaking down waste in the sludge and scum layers, grease, paper, and other organic waste. 

      Simply drop one water soluble pouch into your toilet bowl each month and flush.  

      To learn more and for any questions on this product please call us at 1-866-444-7174 or email info@earth-smart-solutions.com. 


      Bob Villa, "The Best Septic Tank Treatments for Homeowners" 


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