Topical Cleanse to Help Resolve Skin Issues

Topical Cleanse to Help Resolve Skin Issues

Are you experiencing issues with your skin such as itching, redness or dryness?

Or do you have unique skin issues that just won't seem to go anyway, no matter what you try? Sensations such as being crawled on or bitten?

Have you tried a variety of treatments without lasting success?

Many of our clients have reported success with skin care issues after using Topical Cleanse (ESTC), a natural product containing no harmful chemicals.

Topical Cleanse is a natural product composed of a blend of macro and micro nutrients, amino acids, enzymes, proteins, vitamins and naturally occurring beneficial microbes formulated to control a wide range of parasites and bacteria.

Topical Cleanse can be used on any topical outbreak of the skin that is caused by fungus and bacteria. Benefits of Topical Cleanse include:

  • quickly calms and soothes affected areas
  • suppresses harmful parasites and bacteria 
  • promotes rapid recovery of damaged skin
  • protects the affected dermal region from outside bacteria
  • gentle and non-irritating
  • inexpensive
  • easy to apply

The following are excerpts taken from letters from clients who have used our Topical Cleanse product on a variety of skin issues. Their names have been removed to protect their privacy.


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"... this is the first time in so long that we have felt good ... For the first time in two years I could dry off after with a real towel ... it’s working. I'm getting well ... I'm so excited."

"...I cannot tell you how much this product has done for me. I was very ill this spring and I was doing research on Scabies when your website came up on my screen. I was hesitant because I never ordered anything over the internet before; in fact, we had only gotten the internet approximately one month before I became ill. I waited a week to order your product, until I could not stand the symptoms any longer. I tried traditional treatments but they did not work very well. I thought that I was going to have to quit my job entirely. I had gone to several doctors and I am sure they thought that my symptoms were all in my head. One doctor wanted to hospitalize me but I was fearful because he really did not believe that there was anything wrong with me. He thought it was just stress. I could not sleep at night due to the sensations of crawling and biting. I could feel these things happening but could not see anything. I was totally exhausted and frustrated. This illness was robbing me of a normal life. The first time that I tried your product was the first night that I was able to sleep without medication. It was a total miracle as far as I am concerned. I have told many coworkers and friends about my experience. Anyone who has tried it has been happy with the results. I have a friend that is on many medications and one of the side effects is chronic yeast infections. She has not had one yeast infection since using this product.Thank you for all of your help!

"... I have had this pathogenic fungal problem for two years. It started in my hair follicles, lite brown to tan fibers would come out of my follicles after shampooing, they would be in a gelatinous stuff. All over my head. Then the rash appeared on my neck developed into lesions. Last Easter I had 9 on my face. All over my stomach, lower back, buttocks, legs and feet. I have like biting sensation with a black and or white fibrous thing appearing. I bought a microscope to help me so I didn't think I was nuts. Under the microscope the black fiber has horizontal layers inside it sorta like a cyanobacteria. Whatever it is, has made our life miserable. The first day I put your product on me I broke out in layers of crystals, all over me. Then the gelatinous dried up stuff came to the top of the skin. The more I took the more would produce. I got up to four tsp. day... now have backed off to two. I am like I am on speed now, my body feels like it just "woke up". My head is clear, I feel so good. Some more bumps popped up and scared me but it is a die off effect I suppose because they are healing nicely. Also other lesions big nasty ones I couldn't get rid of are going away. I feel like a new person. I have been to 9 doctors and I have taken just about everything on the market to no avail. I'm sure I will probably take this forever, as long as you are in business. I am so very very much better, thank you so much Judy...This has really changed our lives for the better. Thanks and God Bless"

"...when I came down with this two years ago I couldn't function... Very debilitating... You have helped me more with your little bottles of brown "stuff" we call it... It is so wonderful... Three nights in a row I have taken a shower with no nothing emerging from my skin. I have been experiencing a slight headache and I suppose this is from die off. If I was infested as I think I was, a headache is normal. But all my joint pain is gone... I feel so well now in comparison.... Pat you guys on the back... Thank you so much."

"... it has almost completely healed a bad eczema on my hands that I have had for the past 7 years. My hands had areas where the skin actually split open, but this product has really helped in the healing of these areas. It has also helped to control the skin problem I have had for the past 3 1/2 yrs. It consists of sensations of being stung, bit, and crawled on. My daughter and my husband have the same symptoms. I bath my daughter in the product as well...."

"...I have had every single antibiotic which one can take other than IV. And I have had anti fungal orally for months on end - None worked - (Topical Cleanse) does. It did the first 2 days. I remember when I emailed you hoping above hope that you would write me back. Thank you for doing that! The way it looks now, if I keep improving, I will be able to wear a t-shirt with short sleeves outside of the house by summer. I can barely believe it. Funny, isn't it? I have not been to any physician since beginning (Topical Cleanse). Just wanted to check in and say hello and issue another heartfelt Thank You to you for working with me and this skin problem. I no longer have to change sheets every night because of blood stains all over them. I no longer have blood soaking through my clothing from new sores breaking through the skin. It is most amazing. Thanks and have a great day."

"...I just thought that you might be interested in this. Just suddenly yesterday, at precisely the 7 day marker, I began to feel seriously "BETTER" and not as "draggy" tired and with general malaise. I don't know if (Topical Cleanse) can show results that quickly but I know for sure there is a change for the better in the way I feel..."

"...97% of all my symptoms have gone away. I still have small, microscopic fibers, black, green/blue, red that look like small dots. All the crystals are gone. This stuff cycles so the fibers I am getting are there sometimes and sometimes not. Keeping up with the supplement and bath with fungus or supplement are working. I have had this for so long... and now it seems like a brand new life. Ohh all sores are healed up.... first time in two years. I have several "used to be lesions" you can see where they "were" but they are healed. Joint pain is all gone except for left elbow....still a little touchy. My hair is shiny again and not like straw. Chronic fatigue is gone. I will be 50 years old next month and feel like I could do some real physical labor again. There are other symptoms that don't come to my mind right now that are obviously gone. Ohh,,, the joint pain in my hands are gone... at night I experience a small bit of tingling in right hand but not enough to bother me. It was so bad it would wake me up out of dead sleep with horrid pain. I still have the brown spots on hands but hope that will go away too. Thanks so much"

"...I got the weirdest thing out of my skin - It was biting me as it exited, from very deep, at an angle. It had a black tip and a flanged body, greyish white, and it definitely wanted to get out of my body... I also have picked off several white worms, with black tip. I identified them as one of the four stages of the Yeast Gnat. The latter I have caught exiting from my skin (my family caught it under a mason jar). It would appear that we are infested with something... and that we are killing these miserable critters. We have no movement now, the sixth week. My lips are never chapped anymore. I don't have canker sores in my mouth. I have no itching in my vaginal hair and none at all in the anal area since day one. I get maybe two or three hairs when I soak and have seen no black or white or red fibers in four weeks. I don't itch at all. I am up to 2 cc three times a day and my energy is amazing."

"This stuff is pretty awesome, I think I'm on my way to recovery. I just wanted to write and give you some updates as to how it is helping me. 99.9% of all my itching and "biting feeling" are gone. My carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand and elbow are totally gone. All the tingling dead feeling are gone from my hands. For the past two nights I have showered normally (no soaking) and dried off with paper towels and I get NO white fiberballs... none. This is a miracle Judy... I made a cream with acid mantle and your supplement and I rub it on my sores and they are all like baby pimples now, almost gone... I do believe mine is systemic and the internal supplement is getting rid of them. They have changed texture and color. No longer are they creamy colored so much (some of them still are) but now they are clear with a red spot in the middle. Almost like their guts are stripped or something. I know other people that have had it 9 years. It is very debilitating. The serious side is that it is internal and so many people have taken so much ivermectin to get rid of it and it has done no good. I don't know what is in your stuff but it has helped me more than anything else in just three weeks. I feel great. My energy level is much higher. I caught the flu and got over it much faster than normal. The new lesions that pop up seem to just go away after one or two days, according to how big they are. Some take a few more days... but before it was taking months to heal lesions. Thank you so very much Judy. Have a joyous day."

"S.... is doing well also. She had had three layers of skin come off her feet, and lo and behold there is beautiful pink skin underneath. She also has had lesions close. A few on her bottom are not doing anything yet, but she is rid of elbow, neck, back and facial lesions. We both blessed all of you and (Topical Cleanse) at our respective thanksgiving celebrations. This was the first year my family allowed me in the kitchen near food they would eat, and I am now allowed back in the grocery stores and delis ...people have really tried to help me, but this is working. Not gone yet, lots under the skin, but I have had it for four years. NO LESIONS - NOTHING NEW!!! God Bless."

"...we are indeed having some fun with your product. Myself....well, I am CLEAR from the waist down. First time in 4 years. Now to figure out how to get rid of the white scar tissue that formed where each of the bug bites appeared. Wiping down the computer area and floors with diluted solution has been a salvation already. Not dusting the computer screen every hour, but once every other day, is indeed "something special"."

" cannot imagine the result the "supplement" is having on my skin. One other has tried and has gotten the same results. Another 2 to try today. Immediate results are not something we are used to."

"...we have black and white fibers coming from our skin. These fibers are barely visible to the human eye but we can see them. Also black specks like carbon deposits. We think this is some sort of fungus...Your product seems to be working. All our lesions are healing. I had a lesion break out on my face and it is gone three days later. Before it would take months and months to heal a lesion. I have been bathing in about 1/4 cup to a couple inches in the tub every night and leaving it on me. I am getting dramatic results. I feel like my skin can breathe again. Also the internal is wonderful. I don't know what you guys put in this stuff but its working. My skin had swollen with the fungi that was growing in it.. the swelling is going down. I feel better. My joint/muscle pain is going away. I feel so much better just after five days. Thank God and Thank You."

Please visit our website to learn more on application methods, including spritzing and soaking, and how you can also use it in and around your home.

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Topical Cleanse (ESTC) was designed to be used on topical outbreaks of the skin caused by fungus and bacteria. Any products you purchase through our website should be used  as directed on the product label.  Everyone has different skin, body and health conditions which may react to an allergen at any time, any product could cause a negative skin reaction or react differently to various treatments, even natural products.  Actual results may vary.

We are not responsible if such a reaction may occur as a result of any consumer using our products.  If you develop a sensitivity to any product, you should stop using it immediately and consult a physician.  You should never use new products on broken or irritated skin and you should discontinue using any product that causes any of the following:  itching, redness, scaling, burning, soreness, blisters, watery eyes, irritation or other similar reactions.

While we make every attempt to ensure that the labeling of our products accurately lists all of the ingredients used, we rely on the representations made by the manufacturer.  If you have any sensitivities or allergies to any listed ingredients, you should not use these products. You should test the products first, on a small area before using any new product for the first time. If you develop any symptoms or allergic reactions, discontinue use immediately. We are not responsible if such a reaction should occur as a result of any consumer using our products.

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