Tips to Improve Soil Heath

Tips to Improve Soil Heath

Yayyy summer … a perfect time of the year for relaxing in the shade on a hot day. Road trips to the lake, camping or to visit family and friends.  Summer barbeques and just taking time to relax, recharge your batteries and smell the roses.

This is especially true if you are a farmer, grower or gardener and spent a busy Spring seeding crops and planting vegetable gardens and flowers.

If your plants, gardens and crops aren’t looking as productive, lush or healthy as you had hoped for this growing season, then you may want to look at your soil health.

After all, “A seed needs a fertile soil to grow.” Lailah Gifty Akita

According to Dr. Robert E. Pettit, Emeritus Associate Professor at Texas A&M University, “Humic substances are recognized by most soil scientists and agronomists as the most important component of a healthy, fertile soil.”

“Most soils contain “tied up” nutrients that need to be made accessible to plants in order to optimize both growth and yield." The Andersons Humic Solutions

Earth Smart Solutions is the Western Canadian distributor for The Andersons and offer several of their soil amendment products.

The Andersons' products are a group of humic acid-based soil amendments designed to reduce the effect of the environmental stresses of water, temperature and soil conditions on crops.

The Andersons

The Andersons is an innovative, worldwide company, which has been in business for over 60 years and offers technologically advanced solutions for a variety of sectors, including plant nutrients.

Humic Products

The Andersons' Humate Products represent "the next generation of soil health".

Humate Products is their line of humate-based soil amendments, including Humic DG and Black Gypsum DG, that represent the latest in humic acid nutrient delivery – technologically-advanced and easy-to-handle products.

Their humic acid-based soil amendments are designed to reduce the effect of the environmental stresses of water, temperature and soil conditions on crops. With two technology platforms and two humic acid delivery methods, these products work in a program approach to provide the crop access to humic substances throughout the growing season.

Humic Acid

Humic acid is a natural soil conditioner that acts as an organic chelator and microbial stimulator. It has a unique carbon matrix which includes a high concentration of trace minerals and organic acids. Humic acid enhances the plant’s ability to take in essential nutrients and improves soil structure.

Proven Humic Acid Benefits

  • Increases soil carbon
  • Improves plant health
  • Improves germination and viability of seeds
  • Chelates macro and micro nutrients to increase availability to the plant for a longer period of time
  • Increases cation exchange capacity (CEC)
  • Improves soil structure for better aeration and water movement
  • Stimulates beneficial microorganisms, which can improve long-term soil pH
  • Especially effective on sandy soils


As the major organic component of soil, humates are used in many applications, from specialty agriculture and horticulture to professional turf and large-scale farming. 

The Andersons family of humate products can be utilized to improve results in a wide range of applications:

  • Home applications including lawn care, remediation, landscaping and gardening
  • Row crops and high value agriculture
  • Horticulture including nursery, greenhouse and landscape ornamentals
  • Professional turf, including putting greens, fairways, sports turf and residential lawns
  • Environmental applications including soil remediation

Certifications & Research

Improved plant health, improved plant quality and increased crop yield. The benefits of humates and humic substances have been recognized by professionals and academics throughout the industry.

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We offer several of their products, Humic DG and Black Gypsum DG.

Humic DG

Humic DG is a combination of pure, dry humate with The Andersons’ patented dispersing granule (DG) process to create a spherical granule that contains thousands of micro sized humate particles.

Within a few minutes after watering, these micro sized Humic DG particles dissolve into the soil, immediately going to work to improve nutrient efficiency and soil conditions.

Humic DG is biological, dispersible, spreadable and blendable.

Black Gypsum DG

Black Gypsum DG is a unique bio-amendment that combines natural gypsum and humic substances in one, homogenous dispersing granule.

Black Gypsum DG has been found to provide the following benefits:

  • Increases calcium and sulfur without changing soil pH
  • Enhances efficiency of applied and existing nutrients
  • Increases soil CEC and tilth
  • Reduces soil salinity
  • Reduces thatch and stalk residue

Visit our website to learn more about the following products from The Andersons:

Black Gypsum DG - Agriculture Formula

Black Gypsum DG - Lawn and Gardening Formula

Humic DG - Agriculture Formula

Humic DG - Lawn and Gardening Formula

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