• Fall Composting Tips

    Friday Sep 13 2019

    If you live in a rural environment or have a large backyard, you may utilize a compost pile or bin. Compost is nutrient rich, helps retain water, lightens the soil and is...

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  • Meet our Earth Smart Team!

    Thursday Dec 06 2018

    We recently held our annual sales meeting in Red Deer, Alberta.  We timed our meeting around our participation in Agri-Trade 2018, which many of our Sales Team were scheduled to...

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  • Composting: Frequently Asked Questions

    Friday Mar 31 2017

    What is composting? Composting is a natural biological process that is carried out by various natural microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi that utilize solid waste as an energy source and...

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  • What are the benefits of composting?

    Wednesday Nov 02 2016

    It's now November, and your jack-o-lanterns are looking somewhat like this... Now, what should you do with those smelly, rotting, eye-sores? Well, since you're not a child anymore, smashing them...

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