Supporting 4-H Alberta: Stavely Parkland 4-H Club

Supporting 4-H Alberta: Stavely Parkland 4-H Club

At Earth Smart Solutions we work closely with the agricultural industry, providing natural biostimulants to aid plant and soil health and eco-friendly alternatives for a variety of livestock needs.

This is one of the main reasons why we have committed to sponsor 4-H Alberta, in order to give back to the community that supports us. 4-H Alberta is also an outstanding organization that benefits youth in one of Alberta's primary industries.

“4-H Alberta is a registered charity recognized as the premier youth leadership organization in Alberta. Working together in a vibrant, thriving environment, 4-H Alberta connects people, ideas, and communities for a lifetime of benefit.” (Source: 4-H Alberta)

We are rotating 4-H Clubs that we donate to every year. For the 2021/2022 season, one of the clubs that we are supporting is Stavely Parkland 4-H Club.

Part of our sponsorship of their 4-H Club was put towards appreciation of their intermediate members who provided mentorship to the junior members.

Stavely Parkland 4-H Club shared via their Facebook Page:

"We have a great group of dedicated intermediate members this year.
They were all very keen to be involved in all the club events. These intermediates are great examples for our junior members and took their roles as mentors very seriously.
It is very cool to get to watch the friendships that are made within our club that cross different age groups and communities. Many attest to the great friendships and connections being a 4-H member affords you, both during your 4-H years and after.
We have been told many times in conversations with teachers, professors, managers and business owners that you can easily pick a 4-H member out of a crowd of youths and that they make standout students and employees and they often move quickly into leadership roles because of the confidence and skills they learned during 4-H.
We have no doubt that in the next several years Colby Symens, Kilee Lange, Ruthie Whitten, Faye Todd, Mini Habraken, and Dallyn Blake will be shining examples of why 4-H members are held in such high esteem. Having such a great group of intermediates made the leaders jobs so much easier."

Way to go mentors!

We are proud to be involved with this wonderful sponsorship.

Learn more about Stavely Parkland 4-H Club here .

Thank you to Stavely Parkland 4-H Club for all you do to support youth and providing us this opportunity to be a sponsor.

Photo compliments of their Facebook page.

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