Ringworm & How To Treat It

Ringworm & How To Treat It

Horses are a wonderful animal to own and be around. There is something special about owning a horse and riding one on trails. The connection you make between the animal and you is everlasting.

Horses are susceptible to a range of different health issues and infections including ringworm.

What is ringworm?

Ringworm is a type of infection effecting the hair and or surface layers of the skin by a type of spore fungi. Spores germinate and target the hair shafts and the skin's surface layers. Exudate from damaged skin combines with skin and hair debris to form a crusty scab.

The ringworm scab is usually grey and white, and it rises above the surrounding skin. The infection spreads outwards from the centre, resulting in a circular lesion of 1 to 2 inches in diameter. Adjacent lesions may bleed into each other, resulting in bigger diseased regions.

It is common to find these lesions located on the head or neck but in extreme cases, ringworm can be over the whole body.

Is there only one type of ringworm?

The simple answer is no. There are many types of fungus organisms that are in the same group, known as dermatophytes. Depending on the dermatophyte, the part of the body it affects can be different. Areas of the body this affects includes scalp, body, foot, and nails.

When do the first signs of skin ringworm appear?

You will notice signs of ringworm of the skin typically 4-10 days after contact.

How can you limit the outbreak of ringworm in livestock?

There are a few options you have to lessen the chances of ringworm from occurring which include:

  • reducing animal density in confined areas
  • ensuring corrals and barns are maintained, cleaned regularly and are dry
  • spray barns, halters, grooming equipment and other supplies/equipment with our Livestock and Odour Eliminator which is designed to suppress pathogenic bacteria

How can Earth Smart Solutions help treat ringworm?

Earth Smart Solutions offers ESRW – Ringworm Treatment. ESRW is a natural, biological, topical application that will control the fungal spores that cause ringworm in animals and humans. Yes, it is safe to use on horses, cows and other livestock, as well as on humans.

The product comes in 1L or 2L sizing and is easy to use. Just dilute ESRW at a 1:50 in warm water, apply 2 times a day for 3-5 days, and air dry.

Bring back your horse’s smile. Try ESRW today and get rid of those lesions on your horse or livestock!

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