5 Reasons You Need to Keep Your Vehicle Clean

5 Reasons You Need to Keep Your Vehicle Clean

Is the outside of your vehicle looking a tad dirty?

Have you been reluctant to put it through a car wash? And haven't had the time to wash it yourself?

We have to ask - who actually enjoys washing their vehicle?

If you are like us, it always feels great seeing the after result of washing your vehicle and getting rid of all the dirt, mud, dust, road salt, and bugs that collect on the paint surface. Having that new car look should put a smile on your face and if your vehicle could speak, it would thank you for the wash 😉

You may think giving your vehicle a good wash is just for appearances sake and while that is true, there are also other benefits that may not be as obvious to one’s eye.

5 reasons why you should keep a consistent wash schedule with your vehicle:

1. Prevent rust from appearing.

  • For added protection, you should wax your vehicle after it has been washed (if you go to an automatic drive-through wash chances are it does this at the final stage) to seal the vehicle paint from any chance of algae/minerals to grow. It is also important to use a microfibre towel on your vehicle afterwards, so no water is sitting on the paint surface. Simply doing this lessens the chances of a future expensive repair bill, especially if rust is the culprit.

2. Keep your vehicle looking new and extends the life of the vehicle.

  • We all like the look of brand-new vehicles and giving your vehicle a wash every 2-3 weeks will do just that. Plus, good maintaining of your vehicle will help you if you ever go to a dealership and want to trade it in.

3. Increases safety and creates a safer drive.

  • It’s critical that your side windows and front and back windshield are clear and clean every time you get in the driver’s seat.

4. Your fuel economy will be better.

  • Believe it or not, the more dirt that collects on your vehicle’s surface, the more your engine has to work. Why? More dirt on your car “increases drag on the vehicle. Your fuel economy goes down, therefore, if you don’t regularly wash the exterior of your vehicle.” (Source: Gold Eagle)

5. Other

  • A clean vehicle will help keep your clothes clean when you are reaching in the trunk or opening the hatch to pull out groceries.
  • Who can afford a new vehicle all the time? Increase your pride in ownership of your current vehicle by keeping it looking as good as possible.
  • Create a good first impression. Others will see that you take good care of your things and create a favorable impression. That's a big reason why many companies require their logoed company vehicles to be kept clean.

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