Product Spotlight: ELEVEN Superstart

Product Spotlight: ELEVEN Superstart

Eleven Superstart™ offers a comprehensive solution for farmers seeking to give their crops the best start while also prioritizing soil health. Its nutrient-rich, low-salt formula, along with high water solubility, makes it an ideal choice for achieving optimal crop performance and sustainable agriculture practices.

ELEVEN Superstart™ is a seed-safe starter that provides even nutrient uptake and absorption at root, faster emergence and improved growth rates.

Eleven Superstart™ is being touted as Canada's top starter compound, and for good reason!

Key Features:

  1. Nutrient-Rich: Contains 11 essential plant nutrients in every granule, ensuring comprehensive nutrition for crops.
  2. Low Salt Index: With a salt index of only 17.5, it minimizes the risk of salt accumulation in the soil, promoting healthier soil conditions.
  3. High Water Solubility: Its high water solubility ensures quick and efficient nutrient uptake by plants, leading to faster emergence and improved growth rates.
  4. Seed-Safe Formula: Designed to be safe for seeds, promoting even nutrient uptake and absorption at the root level.
  5. Versatility: While initially formulated for canola, it's also suitable for legumes, cereals, and other crops, offering flexibility to farmers with diverse crop portfolios.
  6. High-Bulk Density: Decreases number of fills at seeding time (71lbs./cu ft)
  7. Uniform, Even Distribution
  8. Low pH Solution: 4.7

Primary Benefits:

  • Enhances Crop Performance: Provides the necessary nutrients for optimal growth, leading to healthier and higher-yielding crops
  • Improves Soil Health: Contributes to soil health by minimizing salt accumulation and ensuring nutrient balance in the soil
  • Speed: As the name implies, there is an approx. 25% faster seedling emergence, on average
  • Improves Growth: Improves growth rates by helping crops establish quickly so they can thrive
  • Efficiency: Less nutrient loss and zero nutrient segregation
  • Vigour: Total macro and micro nutrients for early and season-long plant vigour
  • Precision: Provides maximum root interception and 100% nutrient delivery

Following are the 11 ingredients in Eleven Superstart™, along with their contributions to soil and/or plant health, as well as signs of deficiencies:

  1. Nitrogen (N):

    • Contribution: Essential for plant growth and development, particularly in leaf and stem formation.
    • Soil Health: Promotes microbial activity and overall soil fertility.
    • Deficiency Signs: Stunted growth, pale or yellowing leaves, reduced yield.
  2. Phosphorus (P):

    • Contribution: Crucial for root development, energy transfer, and early plant growth stages.
    • Soil Health: Enhances root proliferation and nutrient uptake, especially in low-phosphorus soils.
    • Deficiency Signs: Reduced root growth, delayed maturity, purpling of leaves.
  3. Potassium (K):

    • Contribution: Facilitates enzyme activation, water regulation, and overall plant vigor.
    • Soil Health: Improves soil structure, aids in nutrient transportation within plants.
    • Deficiency Signs: Weak stems, leaf scorching, reduced disease resistance.
  4. Sulfur (S):

    • Contribution: Important for protein synthesis, enzyme function, and chlorophyll formation.
    • Soil Health: Helps maintain soil pH and microbial balance.
    • Deficiency Signs: Yellowing of new leaves, stunted growth, delayed maturity.
  5. Magnesium (Mg):

    • Contribution: Essential component of chlorophyll, involved in photosynthesis and energy transfer.
    • Soil Health: Improves soil structure, aids in nutrient uptake by plants.
    • Deficiency Signs: Interveinal chlorosis, leaf curling, reduced yield.
  6. Calcium (Ca):

    • Contribution: Supports cell wall structure, membrane integrity, and enzyme activation.
    • Soil Health: Enhances soil structure and stability, regulates pH levels.
    • Deficiency Signs: Stunted root growth, distorted new leaves, blossom end rot.
  7. Boron (B):

    • Contribution: Essential for cell division, pollen tube growth, and carbohydrate transport.
    • Soil Health: Facilitates nutrient uptake, improves plant reproduction.
    • Deficiency Signs: Brittle or distorted stems, hollow fruit, reduced seed set.
  8. Copper (Cu):

    • Contribution: Plays a role in enzyme activation, photosynthesis, and lignin synthesis.
    • Soil Health: Aids in nutrient cycling, enhances microbial activity.
    • Deficiency Signs: Wilting of young leaves, twisted growth, reduced fertility.
  9. Iron (Fe):

    • Contribution: Essential for chlorophyll synthesis, electron transport, and nitrogen fixation.
    • Soil Health: Improves soil structure, supports microbial activity.
    • Deficiency Signs: Interveinal chlorosis in young leaves, reduced growth, poor yield.
  10. Manganese (Mn):

    • Contribution: Involved in photosynthesis, enzyme activation, and nitrogen metabolism.
    • Soil Health: Enhances soil microbial activity, aids in nutrient availability.
    • Deficiency Signs: Interveinal chlorosis, necrotic spots on leaves, reduced seed viability.
  11. Zinc (Zn):

    • Contribution: Necessary for enzyme function, hormone regulation, and protein synthesis.
    • Soil Health: Improves nutrient availability, enhances root development.
    • Deficiency Signs: Reduced leaf size, interveinal chlorosis, poor fruit set.

These 11 ingredients work synergistically to ensure optimal plant nutrition and soil health, addressing a wide range of nutrient needs and promoting robust crop growth.


Eleven Superstart™ has treated over 875,000 acres since 2018. Applications include:

  • Canola
  • Pulses
  • Cereals
  • Other crops

Recommended Application Rates:

  • Pulses: 30-50 lbs./acre
  • Cereals: 50-70 lbs./acre
  • Canola: 50-80 lbs./acre 

Learn more about ELEVEN Superstart™ here:

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