Product Feature: Humi[K] WSP

Product Feature: Humi[K] WSP

Earth Smart Solutions is an Authorized Distributor of Humic Growth Solutions (HGS), the world’s largest manufacturer of organically certified, wet chemistry activated, 100% water soluble humic acids.

Their humic acid products are available in liquid, spray dried powder and water-soluble granule form and are all manufactured in the USA.

This month we will feature their water soluble humic acid powder.

Humi[K] WSP (Water Soluble Powder)

Humi[K] WSP is derived from the finest, richest, and purest source of humic acid in North America. This humic acid source is a weathered type of oxidized sub-bituminous coal which is rich in humic substances.

Humi[K] WSP is an ideal supplement to aid in the effectiveness of your fertilizer program.

    Product Versatility

    Humi[K] WSP was designed for 4 purposes:

    1. To be mixed with water to produce a liquid humic concentrate. The resulting organic solution is compatible with many liquid fertilizers and micro-nutrients, acting as a chelating agent aiding plants in the uptake and usability of nutrients essential for a crops healthy and productive life cycle.  
    2. To be used as a fertilizer coating.
    3. To serve customers manufacturing dry mix fertilizers.
    4. To provide cost-effective shipping and reduce shipping costs, saving money. With Humi[K] WSP, in powder form (versus liquid), we are able to deliver the same great organic humic product in larger quantity without the water weight, significantly reducing the shipping costs from HGS (and pass on cost savings to our customer) and to reduce shipping costs to our clients (saving them money).

    Benefits of Using Humi[K] WSP:

    1. Improve nutrient use efficiency with humic and fulvic acids and reduce fertilizer usage rates by up to 30%. Humi[K] WSP improves the efficiency in which plants utilize nutrients from the soil. In return, this enables a reduction in the amount of fertilizer historically required to maintain optimal plant growth. Obviously, this provides enormous economic and ecological value to growers wishing to reduce their fertilizer input costs and/or reduce the potential side-effects of heavy chemical fertilizers usage.
    2. Its application and utilization by soil and plants can be predicted much more accurately than raw leonardites or other raw humate products. With Humi[K] WSP, the usage rates can be narrowed down to within small margins and the overall response to crops can be achieved with only 1/100 of the typically used rate of leonardites or other raw humic substances. It is nearly impossible to predict if, how, or when the humic acids from raw leonardites will ever be released or utilized by the plants and soil. 
    3. Humic acids bond with soil particles to create micropores in the soil. These micropores are spaces where roots, water, oxygen, nutrients, and microbes can reside.
    4. Humi[K] is a soil stimulant and a transportation vehicle for carrying nutrients into plants. Once connected to the humic acid molecule, nutrients are carried into a plant in available forms that help intensify the plant’s metabolism and stimulate the soil’s natural activities.
    5. Highly concentrated. 1 lb. (0.45kg) is mixed with 20 gallons (76 litres) of water

    Additional Benefits

    • Chelation of nutrients (e.g. FE, ZN, MN, K, CA, P)
    • Buffers salts, reduces burning
    • Forms a bond with fertilizer preventing “tie-up”
    • Increase crop production by 10-40%
    • Enhance plant nutrient trans-location
    • Accelerate the ripening period 5-10 days
    • Enhance overall soil & plant health
    • Increase water sequestration by 11%
    • Decrease the content of nitrates and other harmful substances in fruit & improve nutritional quality
    • Increase resistance to disease, frost damage and drought conditions

    Content Analysis

    2% Soluble Potash (K20) (Derived from Potassium Hydroxide)
    95% Humic Acid  (Derived from Sub-bituminous Humate)Humi[K] WSP Water Soluble Powder
    To learn more about Humi[K] WSP, click here.

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