Olds College Letters of Appreciation - Agriculture Awards

Olds College Letters of Appreciation - Agriculture Awards

At Earth Smart Solutions we work closely with growers in the agricultural industry, providing earth-friendly products to aid soil and plant health, solve livestock needs and more.

In order to give back to the agricultural community and show support to a critical industry that supports us, we sponsor several agricultural scholarships at Olds College of Agriculture & Technology. 

"(Olds College is) passionate about the Agriculture industry. Through (their) applied research and integrated learning, (they) are proud to be Canada’s Smart Agriculture College, specializing in agriculture, horticulture, land and environmental stewardship. (They) work closely with industry to advance and adapt (their) programming to ensure (their) graduates have the skills to succeed." (Source: Olds College)

Olds College was selected as a recipient, due to their support of the agricultural industry and their social purpose, “Transforming agriculture for a better world”.

“As a company committed to the environment, we take tremendous pride in the role that we play in the lives of our customers, clients, neighbors, and surrounding communities, where many of our employees reside. By supporting youth, we are pleased to know our donations will have an impact on their future. We look forward to continuing our support in local communities.” Brenda Otto, Director of Community Initiatives & Sponsorship, Earth Smart Solutions.

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We sponsor two agricultural sponsorships which are available to three students. 

1. Earth Smart Solutions Agriculture Award 1 (Entrance/Fall)

    • Awarded on the basis of high school academic proficiency. 
    • 2 awards for $1000 each
    2. Earth Smart Solutions Agriculture Award 2 (Entrance/Fall)
    • Awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need. 
    • 1 award for $1000

    Both awards are available to a first-year student enrolled full-time in Olds College in:

    • Agriculture Management
    • Bachelor of Applied Science – Agribusiness
    • Precision Agriculture – Techgronomy Diploma
    • Agriculture Technology Integration Post-Diploma Certificate
    • Agriculture and Heavy Equipment Certificate
    • Agriculture and Heavy Equipment Diploma

    Learn more this sponsorship here

    Congratulations to the three recent recipients of these awards, Cienna, Erin and Carlos, whom each sent us letters of appreciation which we would like to share excerpts from below.

    Cienna, Student in the Agricultural & Heavy Equipment Program, Recipient of the Earth Smart Solutions Agriculture Award 1 (Entrance/Fall)

    "Thank you so much for the Earth Smart Solutions Agriculture Award. My family and I are so appreciative of this award as it will take some of the financial stress off and redirect my focus back to the schooling.
    I'm 18 years old in my first year of post secondary schooling. 
    I very much enjoy the Agriculture and Heavy Equipment Program, I enjoy the hands on aspect of the program and can't wait to take what I learn and apply it to a future job.
    I chose Olds College for the close knit community feel, allowing me to build a closer relationship with instructors, fellow students and community members. I also chose Olds because I knew I would get a chance to receive a well rounded education because of the smaller class sizes and lots of one on one learning.
    After I graduate from Olds I would like to get a job in my related field. Long term after graduation I would like to start my own business with my brother who is a Red Seal Welder. Thank you so much for this award. It will allow my focus to be on school and what I am trying to achieve."
    Erin, Student in the Agricultural & Heavy Equipment Program, Recipient of the Earth Smart Solutions Agriculture Award 1 (Entrance/Fall)
    "Thank you for the Earth Smart Solutions Agriculture Award. I am extremely appreciative for the award as it will greatly help out with my tuition expenses for college.
    I am currently a first year ag management student in the commerce major and I have been greatly enjoying my education so far. So far I have learned about various different aspects of agriculture, and I am looking forward to learning about more of the business side when it comes to agriculture.
    I was in the Longview 4-H Beef Club for nine years, and I come from a cow-calf operation just 5 minutes south of Longview, Alberta, where  we run Hereford Angus cross cattle. I chose to come and study Agriculture Management at Olds College because the more hands on aspect really intrigued me. So far from my studies I have greatly enjoyed the wide variety of things I have gotten to learn about in agriculture.
    After completing my education I plan to work back on the family ranch and expand our beef sales by starting to sell more to direct customers. Without a doubt, this award will help me complete my education in agriculture so that I can then apply the knowledge I have learned to my own agriculture operation in the future.
    Thank you again!"

    Carlos, Student in the Agricultural & Heavy Equipment Program, Recipient of the Earth Smart Solutions Agriculture Award 2 (Entrance/Fall)

    "I will start by thanking the generous people from Earth Smart Solutions, for the Agriculture Award 2. I am very thankful I have been chosen for this award, I will be using the donation to buy a few more power tools that I will be needing for this coming semester and the following two years as I plan on taking the double major for Agricultural and Heavy Equipment.
    My program (Agricultural and Heavy Equipment Technician) consist of learning everything there is to the equipment, we get to learn about proper safety in the field, diagnosing and repairing equipment.
    I will be putting these skills to use when I am able to find a job in my community. I chose Old's College because it reminds me of home, it is a small town with a great sense of community, also because Old's College is a very recognized college when it comes to the agricultural and heavy equipment field. I really like my program because I love working with my hands, I like that we get the opportunity to use the skills we learn in the classroom when we get lab time.
    Overall this donation will help me to buy tools that I will be needing going forward with my career and that I will be able to use during our lab times.
    Thank you again to everyone at Earth Smart Solutions for your contributions, I have done some research on your company and love everything you guys are doing for the environment. I hope to learn more from your company and everything you do."
    On behalf of all of us at Earth Smart Solutions, thank you very much to Cienna, Erin and Carlos for sending us these wonderful letters. Best of luck in your studies.
    We look forward to being able to assist more recipients going forward with these awards.
    All photos compliments of Olds College Facebook Page