Meet our Earth Smart Team!

Meet our Earth Smart Team!

We recently held our annual sales meeting in Red Deer, Alberta.  We timed our meeting around our participation in Agri-Trade 2018, which many of our Sales Team were scheduled to attend from across Western Canada, saving them an extra trip.  

As we looked around the table at the many familiar faces and a few new faces, we realized how quickly our team has grown and spread geographically in the past 5 years from “the original 3” of Terry, Kevin and Aaron. 

Earth Smart Solutions was established in 2013 after purchasing EcoCheman Alberta company specializing in creating environmentally friendly products using constituents derived from naturally occurring and sustainable sources. 

Earth Smart Solutions is likely best known for our agricultural products, including Inspire - Seed Starter and Defender - Plant Protector and Soil Conditioner, which aid in maximizing crop yields across a variety of soil conditions from drought to early frost.  We also carry an assortment of products to aid with algae controlodour, gardening, lawn care, livestock, septic systems, composting and more. 

Our Sales Team is strategically spread across Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta to serve our valued clients. 

Earth Smart Solutions

Some of our Sales Team also farm and decided to represent Earth Smart Solutions after trying our agricultural products and experiencing success themselves.  What better way to market a product than testing it on your own crops to determine effectiveness? 

Richard, servicing the Ponteix, Saskatchewan, area shared “I farm and used Earth Smart’s agricultural products on my farm that I operate with my brother and the products worked”.  He believed in the products to such an extent that he decided to join our company. 

As our product usage has grown in Western Canada, we are finding that many of our customers are asking “to buy the same product that their neighbour used” after seeing friends try our products on their crops and viewing the results for themselves. 

Over the two days our sales team spent almost a full day learning about plants, micronutrients and soil biology to better understand how our agricultural products are able to aid plants in germination, emergence and growth and to learn how stresses such as a lack of water, micronutrients and sunlight impact plants. 

Earth Smart Solutions

Earth Smart Solutions is the Western Canadian distributor for Anderson’s humate products (Black Gypsum DG and Humic DG - Agriculture Formulas and Black Gypsum DG and Humic DG - Lawn and Gardening Formulas).  We are grateful that two members of the Anderson's team were able to attend to educate our team on their products and share the latest in product development news, tests and results. 


Our Sales Team also received a sneak peak of some new products we will be launching soon!  

If you would like to learn more about our products or contact one of our Sales Team located in your area, please email or call 1-866-444-7174.

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