March Product Feature: Stubble & Trash Digester

March Product Feature: Stubble & Trash Digester

This month's product feature is our Energize Stubble & Trash Digester.

Energize Stubble & Trash Digester is an all-natural micronutrient and bio-stimulant formulated to accelerate post harvest decomposition of crop trash and other biodegradable soil residue. 

Why is post harvest decomposition of crops important?

Partially decomposed crop residue can be a limiting factor in plant growth.

Post harvest decomposition of stubble and other biodegradable crop residue is critical in maintaining a healthy soil structure and ensuring strong plant growth

How does Energize work?

Energize accelerates decomposition of crop trash by stimulating indigenous soil microbes.

How else does the decomposition of stubble and crop residue help your crops?

An increase in crop residue decomposition:

  • aids in restoring soil biomass
  • decreases the potential for soil borne diseases
  • improves nitrogen availability 
  • improves overall natural plant protection

How do you apply Energize?

Energize is water soluble and is applied in liquid form using conventional application methods i.e. ground sprayer, spreader, etc.

It can be applied on the surface or in-furrow with seed.

Energize can be safely blended and applied with both selective and non-selective herbicides and other chemical and non-chemical inputs.

Benefits of Energize:

  • Stimulates the growth of indigenous soil microbes
  • Accelerates natural biodegradation of crop residue
  • Reduces the potential for disease
  • Aids in nutrient recycling
  • Does not contain chemicals and will not desiccate canola seedlings
  • Aids in building soil biomass
  • Safe - requires only a minimum of safety equipment
  • Residual - provides continuing, long lasting benefits
  • Reduces nitrate leaching
  • Promotes both soil and plant health

Click here to learn more about our Energize Stubble & Trash Digester.

Would you like to try Energize on your crop residue?

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