January is Walk Your Dog Month

January is Walk Your Dog Month

Did you know that January is "Walk Your Dog Month"?

At Earth Smart Solutions we know a thing or two about pets.

Jenny, Ripley, Cooper and Mocha are just some of the names of the dogs of our office staff.

Owning any animal, including dogs creates a special bond between the owner and the animal. Your pets are your family. That is why it is vital for pet owners to look after their furry friends by walking them daily, even during these cold winter months.

Given the way the world is currently with the COVID pandemic, it is especially important for dog owners working remotely to give time to their dog. Take a break from that computer screen and get active with your dog! It is a privilege to have a dog and they need walks just like us humans all throughout the year.

There are plenty of benefits to walking your dog too - for both YOU and your dog:

  • Walking your dog allows you to get fresh air and gives your eyes a break from the computer screen
  • Walking your dog is good exercise
  • Walking your dog helps give your mind a mental break
  • Walking your dog keeps your dog healthy, helps with weight control, and will certainly make that tail wag!

The next time you need a break or free time and are not sure what to do, grab that leash and collar and go outdoors! Trust us, even if you only have ten minutes in a day, that is ten minutes of making one dog, such as the Beagle below, a happy camper.

And if your furry friend gets dirty, then try our Pet Wash (ESSH). ESSH is a complete body wash. It is a natural cleanser, moisturizer, conditioner, deodorizer and detangler all in one. 

This re-mineralizing body cleanser helps eliminate toxins, replenishes the skin’s natural moisture and replaces depleted nutrients. It will leave your pet’s coat with a beautiful shine.

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