Is your vehicle looking dirty? Does it need a good wash?

Is your vehicle looking dirty? Does it need a good wash?

Do you dislike going to the automated car wash and paying a high price for a service that does an okay job?

Would you rather do it yourself and have total control to ensure you get all those bugs off the front of your car from summer driving?

If you answered yes, then you will definitely want to try our September monthly product feature: ESVW – Vehicle Wash.

There is nothing better than giving your car a good thorough clean and there is just something satisfying about doing it yourself and knowing it's going to be done right.

Plus, regular cleaning of your vehicle helps prevent rust and who doesn't love stepping into a clean vehicle?

ESVW Vehicle Wash

ESVW Vehicle Wash is formulated to provide dual action performance in a one-step cleaning application. Its high penetrating action cuts through road film, oil, grease, soils, bugs, sludge and carbon quickly.

ESVW is a blend of non-ionic surfactants, emulsifiers, sequestrants, metal deactivators and a proprietary biological blend of additives to remove the oil and grease deposits safely from the exterior of vehicles.

Okay we might be biased but, that sounds pretty awesome, right! Well, what’s even better to know is this product is environmentally friendly, meaning it is safe for the sewage drain. Not only is ESVW biodegradable, it’s also not flammable, is safe on any surface, dries spotless, and is film free.

We recommend you dilute with water in a 90:1 combo if using a garden hose. If you are using a pressure washer, dilute with water up to 120:1. Use a microfibre cloth to rub the wash over your car and rinse with water.

ESVW is sold in 2 L or 20 L sizing.

So, do the planet a little favour the next time you wash your car by hand and take pride in knowing that our ESVW product is safe, clean, and most of all a well-crafted product.

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