Exciting News: We Have Updated Our Website!

Exciting News: We Have Updated Our Website!

Have you visited our website recently?

If you said yes, then you have likely noticed that we have updated our website to make it more visually appealing, mobile friendly and easier to navigate.

If you said no, then we invite you to check it out right now!

Don't worry, we still have all of the same great content that we did previously, it is now simply improved by making it more visually appealing and we have improved functionality on your desktop and mobile devices to create a better user experience.

Some of our goals in enhancing our website design and layout included:

  • Improving our client's experience when using their mobile devices by making tabs and web pages easier to navigate, the text easier to read and images easier to view
  • Sharing more information about our company 
  • Updating our website to make it look more contemporary and modern 
Earth Smart Solutions Website

Some notable things to check out that we are excited to now include on our website:

Our Mission Statement

We have included our Mission Statement under About Us. It encapsulates in one sentence what we do and what our goals are.

Product & Company Reviews

Nowadays reviews are an important aspect in researching companies before deciding to do business with them. You can flip through some of the reviews that we have received near the bottom of our Home Page.

Our Core Values

People want to deal with companies that have similar core values and beliefs to themselves. Check out 6 of our core values under About Us.

Blog Categories

You can now search through our blogs by keyword. For example, go to the Blog page and you will see a drop down menu to the right of Blog. Scroll down and select About Us and see all of the blogs about our company.

Want to read more about specific products? Select "Inspire Seed Starter" or "Defender" and you will see all the blogs about these products.

Monthly Product Feature

We have over 50 products and will be featuring a different product each month plus an incentive to try it out.

Go to the Home page and scroll down to the "ticker" that says "Save 10% on our Featured Product of the Month". Below the ticker you will be able to find the featured product each month.

Earth Smart Solutions is dedicated to delivering superior service. If you are in need of any product we carry, please reach out to our dedicated team; they will be happy to help. We hope that you have a chance to go through our site and will enjoy all of the new features and improvements that we made.

Have comments about our website? We'd love to hear them! Contact us at info@earth-smart-solutions.com