Energy Efficiency Day

Energy Efficiency Day

This month marks an important day on our calendars, and we aren’t talking about Thanksgiving yet (although that is another important day!), it’s Energy Efficiency Day on Wednesday, October 6th.

Being energy efficient has different meanings for different industries.

“Energy efficiency is doing the same work with less energy. Like its energy conservation cousin, it embraces getting rid of energy waste.” (Source: Government of Alberta)

Earth Smart Solutions is an eco-friendly company offering eco-friendly products but having the word ‘earth’ in our name also means we take the upmost care and attention to limiting the amount of energy we consume.

Some of the things we do at Earth Smart Solutions:

  • We are very careful about only printing what we need.
  • When we do have to print, if possible, we will recycle previously printed on paper by using the other side.
  • We produce concentrated products that our clients dilute when they receive at their door. This allows us to use and ship smaller containers reducing plastic waste, reducing shipping costs and your carbon footprint and more. Read more here.

What do you do at home and at work to reduce energy consumption?

We know you have heard repetitive things like “turn off the lights when not in the room” or “only use your washer machine with a full load” and so on, but there are other good tips that we all can take note of and try to implement in our day to day lives. These include:

  • Replace leaky/dripping taps in your house or business. “A tap dripping once every second wastes 1000 litres per month.” (Source: ATCO) That is a heap of water gone to waste!
  • “LED light bulbs use up to 75 per cent less energy than traditional light bulbs.” (Source: ATCO) Did you know our sister company, Earth Smart Property Solutions, offers a new exterior lighting service (this in only available in Central Alberta and Calgary)? It’s true and we are happy to say the LED bulbs used are highly energy efficient! You can find out more here.  LED bulbs are long-lasting and will save you energy as they will not need to be replaced often.
  • Use space heaters wisely. While these keep us warm in the cold winter days, they can use up a lot of energy.
  • Remember to inspect your furnace filter once a month and replace when required.

For our friends in the Agriculture industry, the Government of Alberta has listed areas in Agriculture where energy efficiency can be looked at and improved. They include lighting, insulation, heating, refrigeration, ventilation, waterers, variable frequency drives for irrigation, controllers, grain dryers, and combined heat and power. (Source: Government of Alberta)

You can find out more information on this here

We hope this blog helped you to learn a little more about being energy efficient at home or at work. Even the smallest things like turning off lights when not in use makes a difference for the environment.


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