Effects of Carbo[N] on Soil Health, Fertilizer & Water Use Efficiency

Effects of Carbo[N] on Soil Health, Fertilizer & Water Use Efficiency

Earth Smart Solutions is an authorized distributor of Humic Growth Solutions (HGS).

Humic Growth Solutions is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of bio-stimulant products. Specializing in the wet chemistry extraction of humic and fulvic acids, Humic Growth Solutions offers activated bio-stimulants and fertilizer supplements designed to produce higher quality crops in order to maximize crop yield.

One of the products we distribute is Carbon[N] (previously known as SM-10 Liquid Carbon). Carbo[N] is formulated for improving soil aggregate stability, reducing soil compaction, enhancing soil buffering capacities, complexation and CECs.

Following is a summary of the influence of SM-10 on soil health, fertilizer and water use efficiency, compliments of HGS :

  1. Because of stable humus, it creates better aggregate stability.
  • Prevents nutrient and water losses in sandy soils
  • In heavy soils it creates aeration and improves compaction
  1. Reduces the phosphor’s precipitation with Ca, Fe, Mg and Al and liberates them into a more accessible form.
  2. Excellent medium for salt remediation, as it complexes salts.
  3. Enhances root architecture, root hair, root exudates, and enzyme production.
  4. Possesses plant biostimulant properties and enhances soil and plant metabolisms
  5. Excellent source of carbon and energy for soils and plant metabolisms.
  6. Solubilization of micronutrients (e.g. Fe, Zn, Mn) and some macronutrients (e.g. K, Ca, P)
  7. Increases buffering properties of soils.
  • Prevents nutrient and water losses in sandy soils
  1. Helps to release carbon dioxide from soil calcium carbonate in the root zone, which enhances its use in photosynthesis.
  2. Increases crop production by 10-40%.
  3. Accelerates the ripening period 5-10 days. 12. Increases plant resistance to disease, frost damage, and drought.

HGS has also documented the following results on the influence of SM-10 on crop production, yield and quality:

  • In 2017 (HGS) used SM-10 with an assortment of crops. HGS observed great success in terms of overall yield, quality and return on investment (ROI). (They) have replicated plots (utilizing 4 replications) on potatoes and applied 4 gallons/acre during the season. Despite the grower’s high fertility inputs, (they) observed a yield increase of 160 hundred weight (160*100=16,000 LBS. per acre). This translates to 23.36% yield increase plus good quality potatoes with excellent specific gravity.
  • In 2018, potato field trials in Canada were conducted using SM-10. Soil field consultants fertigated 4 gallons/acre of SM-10 and in turn observed an increase of 72 hundred weight yield. This translates to $720 return on investment.
  • In 2018 in Canada, HGS applied one liter/acre on a dry land farm (for pea fields). The yield was 75 bushels. This translated to 25 bushels more, compared with other farms.
  • In 2018, during the season, SM-10 was applied to silage corn. In comparison with controlled plots, HGS observed a yield increase of 10 tons, with high crude protein and relative feed value.
  • In 2018 4 gallons of SM-10 were applied on alfalfa at the grower’s field. HGS observed a yield increase of 2.5 tons, with high relative feed value

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