December Product Feature: Hydrocarbon Cleaner / Degreaser

December Product Feature: Hydrocarbon Cleaner / Degreaser

This month’s product feature is ESHC – Hydrocarbon Cleaner / Degreaser. ESHC is one of our best selling products online.

If you haven't heard of ESHC, you are likely wondering what this cleaner does. Well, ESHC is an environmentally safe, non-hazardous, biodegradable formulation for use in removing fresh and aged petroleum hydrocarbons from both hard and porous surfaces.

What does this mean?

Have you ever run into a situation where stains have appeared on your garage floor or driveway from your vehicle? Like gasoline or motor oil? This is where our cleaner works its magic! When used as directed, ESHC will effectively clean, liquefy and degrade a wide range of hydrocarbons including gasoline, diesel, motor oil, crude oil, glycol, hydraulic fluid, benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, xylene.

Sounds great, doesn’t it!?

Is it suitable to use on areas other than concrete?

Yes! ESHC is safe for use on many surfaces including gravel, sand, railroad ballast, brick, asphalt, metal, rubber, plastics, porcelain, wood, textiles, or any surface compatible with water.

What are other benefits of ESHC, on top of removing stains?

  • ESHC is non-toxic
  • ESHC does not create any fumes
  • ESHC is non-flammable
  • ESHC dries quickly
  • ESHC leaves no residue
  • Best of all, ESHC is environmentally friendly

What are examples of possible applications to use this product on?

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Oil field equipment
  • Grease traps
  • Locomotives
  • Parking lots
  • Sumps
  • & more!

ESHC can be applied in varying ways including spraying, brushing, pressure washing, soaking and more.

Has all this information made you interested in trying our cleaner? If so, you chose the right time as during the month of December, ESHC is 10% off.

So, if you have stains that you are looking to clean, try ESHC and take advantage of this special offer!

Make your driveway, oven, or other surface spot-free today with our Hydrocarbon Cleaner.

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