CASE STUDY: Inspire Seed Starter

CASE STUDY:  Inspire Seed Starter

Thank you to David, James, Tobey, Jacob and everyone at the Ponteix Hutterite Colony in Ponteix, Saskatchewan, for sharing the results of using our Earth Smart product on several test crops.  

David, James and Toby invited Richard Carlson, one of our Sales Reps and Distributors in Saskatchewan, and some other members of our Earth Smart Team to view the results from the test trials on June 1st, 2018.

The Ponteix Hutterite Colony conducted two tests. 


The first test they used a combination of Inspire and Trilex on large green lentils versus using Trilex alone.

Left:  Treated with Inspire & Trilex

Right:  Treated with Trilex alone

Watch the video to see the results for yourself - click here.

Video compliments of Dave Norris at Norris Crop Consulting.  Dave is another valued member of our Sales Team and is a Distributor in Saskatchewan.

As the Ponteix Hutterite Colony shared in this video, "there is a big difference" between the plant treated with Inspire plus Trilex versus treated with Trilex alone.

The large green lentils were seeded on May 10.  They said that "as of 2 days after they were seeded you could see the treated (plant) had more sprouts on it then the untreated plant."


For the second test, Jacob shared the results from a durum wheat crop seeded on May 2.  One plant was treated with a combination of Raxil Pro Shield and Inspire Seed Starter and the other plant was treated with Raxil Pro Shield only.

Left:  Durum wheat treated with Raxil Pro Shield only

Right:  Durum wheat treated with Raxil Pro Shield and Inspire Seed Starter

Watch the video here.

The difference was clearly visible with the plant treated with Raxil and Inspire, on the right, having a much fuller more robust root system.

When asked if he was happy with Earth Smart's Inspire product, Jacob said, "So far we are happy.  Well you can see the results for yourself but we are happy.  Further on in events in the year, we will see how the yield goes on it.  I mean if the yield is good on it, we'll buy". 

Inspire is a liquid, natural seed starter and root growth promoter formulated with macro and micro nutrients, amino acids, organic acids, root growth stimulants, enzymes, proteins, vitamins, minerals and beneficial microbes.

Inspire also contains constituents that stimulate indigenous microbes in the root zone and has proven to be a reliable performer in low and high rainfall areas and in almost all soil types.

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