Benefits of Humic to Plants Above Ground & Beneath the Soil

Benefits of Humic to Plants Above Ground & Beneath the Soil

Earth Smart Solutions is an Authorized Distributor of Humic Growth Solutions.

Humic Growth Solutions is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of bio-stimulant products. Specializing in the wet chemistry extraction of humic and fulvic acids, Humic Growth Solutions offers activated bio-stimulants and fertilizer supplements designed to produce higher quality crops in order to maximize crop yield.

Humic Growth Solutions products are "derived from the finest, richest, and purest source of humic acid in North America and arguably the World. This humic acid source is a weathered type of oxidized sub-bituminous coal rich in humic substances. This humic acid source is similar to the commonly found Leonardite (lignite coal), but [their] source contains a higher concentration of Humic Acids and significantly lower levels of ash and heavy metals, such as lead, arsenic, and mercury." (Source: Humic Growth Solutions)

    Learn about the vast array of benefits of humi[K] to plants in this short video from Humic Growth Solutions:


    How humi[K] benefits plants beneath the soil:

    • Holds nutrients in a bio available form in the soil solution 
    • Increases root production and CO2 absorption 
    • Unlocks soil nutrient reserves 
    • Increases soil aeration & microbial activity 
    • A source of organic carbon for improved soil biology 
    • Forms complexes with nutrients & increases soil CEC 

      How humi[K] benefits plants above the ground:

    • Improved nutrient use efficiency, reducing input requirements 
    • Increases fruit set during flowering, pollination & germination 
    • Enhances nutrient absorption through the stoma & leaf tissue 
    • Improves oxygen availability 
    • Greater diffusion of CO2 to leaf mesophyll cells 
    • Accelerates the breakdown of stubble & leaf residue 

    Earth Smart Solutions offers humi[K] products from Humic Growth Solutions in the following forms:

    Dry Soluble

    1. Humi[K] Water Soluble Powder (WSP)designed specifically to be mixed with water to produce a liquid humic concentrate.

    2. Humi[K] Water Soluble Granule (WSG): designed for three distinct functions: Rapid solubility, ease of use and dry broadcast application.


    3. Humi[K] Liquid (Humic Acid Concentrate): is an organic liquid humic concentrate, derived from the finest, richest, and purest source of humic acid in North America, and blended with pure artesian water.

    We also offer the following products from Humic Growth Solutions:

    Carbo[N]: formulated for improving soil aggregate stability, reducing soil compaction, enhancing soil buffering capacities, complexation and CECs.

    Humi[K] ESformulated as a source of sulfur that combines elemental sulfur with humic acids to enhance nutrient use efficiency.

    Humi[K] GYP: a homogenous granule of gypsum and humic acids designed to deliver and disperse gypsum through banded and broadcast applications with dry fertilizers

    Humi[K] Phos: formulated to provide a perfectly balanced blend of Rock Phos and Humic Acid. The combinatorial chemistry of Humic Acid and Phosphorus allows for enhanced nutrient availability, translocation and improves overall soil health and sustainability.

    Ful-Grow Gold 2x: an organic acid-based fertilizer additive formulated to improve fertilizer application and compatibility.

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    Humic Growth Solutions YouTube video, "Humi[K] - What are the benefits?