Amazing new results from Earth Smart's "Inspire" seed starter

Amazing new results from Earth Smart's

Recently, our team decided to do some trials of our Earth Smart "Inspire" Seed Starter and even we were blown away!

We took lentil seeds and separated them into 2 groups. One group of seeds was given our Inspire seed starter (on the right) while the other group was given water (left). The results showed that the seed starter was able to expedite the germination of the seeds at least 3X faster than the water could. This series of photos were taken 7 days after the seeds had been treated.

These products can be used on any type of seed to yield maximum harvest. Weather you have a small garden, or large scale farming operation, Our amazing products will leave you in awe. We are currently in the process of running more tests on other types of seeds and will reveal the results in future blog posts.

At Earth Smart, we know about how crucial it is for a farmer or gardener to get their crops harvested as soon as possible. Leaving crops growing late into the season creates potential complications due to extreme weather changes and pest problems during the end of the season. With these results, we can determine that when using our Earth Smart Inspire seed starter, customers will be able to get their crops harvested faster.

 In order to see optimal results, we suggest using The Inspire seed starter in conjunction with our Clout Herbicide Additive and Propel Foliar Fertilizer solutions as a 3 tier system for amazing agricultural results. To learn more, please contact us at